If We Make It After April

With a few swift kicks,

Like the way cartoons kiss


We behead licks

of dandelions.

She tells me

How she

Loves the outside,

I must be mother nature,

In my own right...

We play sidewalk chalk,

Until it gets dusky dark.

She protests, ultimately consents,

So we intend to go back inside.

She is more beautiful than

Golden gumdrops, amber lit, liquid

Orange, like you've never seen it,


As pure as white light.

She is every shade imaginable,


Words cannot begin to describe,

Unfathomably lovely, Sky.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

again a good and very impressive poem... well done shana.. happy to read your new poems and hope you never be off again for that much long time... its good poem and no doubt... and rich one too