Lied. You lied

And I caught you

This time.

And you act so pristine

Like your hands are so clean

But you lied.

You lied.

Why? Is all I ask.

Why deprive me of that?

Why take it away?

When you know

How pitiful I feel to beg.

And I feel more than pathetic

I should just fucking forget it.

But you lied.

And you will lie about it

Tomorrow, again.

Alas, bottomless rejection.

An endless affliction

Please, make it sting, again,

I'd rather feel pain,

Than nothin'

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Afzal Shauq's picture

shana dear... you seem much broken..thats why I noticed in your poems alot of sorrows and depriveness... please be energetic are still young and strong.. this poem is making me cry.. and hate those who broke the heart of my friend shana innocent