Lost Night

Lost another night

An exceptional delight,

Accompanied by broken promises

And carefully composed lies...

Not much has changed,

With the exception of

Perhaps the name,

The place,

And rules of our game...

Watchin your favorite re-runs

Waltzing across my TV screen,

Want to sedate myself,

In my mind

The idea is all too keen...

Wishing away frequented nightmares

Praying for dreams

Even just blackness, nothing.

Lost tonight,

Hope tomorrow will bring

Love and

Bliss, caressed by fairy dust

Kissed by butterfly wings...

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Afzal Shauq's picture

what a sweet poem is this dear friend... enjoyed it very much and read so many time and kept it with me for record as i love your poetry.. happy easter and hope you will be in touched and comments are awaited dear...best of luck