There It Goes,

Additional sinking lows.

They evermore ask why,

Why avow Mr. Vile?

To produce inequitable frowns?

I've been abundantly sunk,

Immeasurable misfortunes

With or without,

My wonderful luck.

Aah, here alas!

My pit of emptiness...

Wish I possessed your

Unashamed, senseless bliss...

Remind me, yet again,

Why I'm jealous of him?

Why not just throw in

The towel, this time?

Why not call it a day?

Watch my Spirit, relished,

Metamorphosed away....

Perhaps I should have never

Evoked the lite fuse  

Of sleeping Frankenstein.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the words of...
"I think I'm dumb. I think I'm dumb. I think I'm dumbbbb..." -"Dumb"
The missed and loved, Kurt Cobain

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Afzal Shauq's picture

very sweet and deep idea is expressed in this ti ..very much impressive ... hmmm enjoyed it much... hope you remember your words..and sure missing your words too