Dear Mister, I Do Not Know You

Your crooked lies

Are masked behind deceitful eyes.

Blue as the the sunlight sky

Yellow as a cowardice.

Dear Mister, I don't know you.

Frankly, I believe I never did.

With every word dripped hypocrisy,

Compulsive liar and your sociopath tendencies

Are a mystery to me..

What don't you just flee the country?

Mexico is an option,

Quite hotter there than your "Sunset State"  

Twice convicted Felon,

There goes "Plan B = Canada"

Is this the Hell you're in?

It's a pity to see-

The Mister I don't know

Daily, in her angelic visage.

My satisfaction grows, daily,

As does my forever little baby.

I have outwitted, you,

my opponent, Dearest Mister.

Agony in an absence of closure.

You'll never get any exposure.

To the brightest ray of sunshine,

Illuminating my Sky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"No Comment" to quote Mr. I don't know

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Afzal Shauq's picture

very impressive and good way done it and your thought..hope you go through my poems too which are there in postpoems available... yours with hope to be intouch
afzal shauq