It's Lion's Story and He's Sticking to It.

Dearest Mister, Drama King,

You live in your own fantasy world.

You're the one whose quite insane.

You think you're King,

But I make the rules.

I witness your compulsive lies,

You're the biggest loser here.

Truly, you are so easily fooled.

Bet you never thought,

This victim would triumph?

The underdog is declared the winner!

This time, Lion, you lose.

Can't wait for that day.

The day when justice prevails.

When I get my sweetest revenge.

And watch your legs tremble

As you tuck them in between

Your shaking tail.

You know the game.

You know it far too well.

You know how it's played.

Bet you never thought

You would fail.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Satisfied and Will sleep well tonight

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