Fuck You Letter

Trust me,


More than you

Could ever

Hate me.

You are The Devil.

You're my Ghost.

Do you have a clue in the slightest,

Why I hate you the most?

You are the reason

I bit my lip till I chewed through hole after hole,

You are the reason

I stifle screams, lying flat on the floor of this Hellhole.

You are the reason

My pockets are empty. Although,

Stuffed like a stocking, brims of seams bursting with bullshit dust bunny crud.

You are the reason

I work like a workaholic.

Carpel-tunnel hands a graphite, ink, & acrylic mixture. Why does this Prismacolor say, "Exposure may result in confusion, headaches, instability"? What all the guts none of the glory?

For what,


You piss away time

Like trash fills a garbage dump.

Does the phrase, "Dead Beat" strike a cord?

For the sake of my "Fuck You Letter", find the nearest bridge



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Afzal Shauq's picture

its a good poem based on very emotional mood and you hate some one very much.are you ok friend.. he must be broken your kind heart... or... any way I enjoyed your emotional poem very much....