Saint Valentine

What a role reversal!

See what Peace can do?

What the hell is war

Going to ever accomplish or do?

Love is the only answer.

Love is the only choice.

Whether you believe in it or not.

Is your own voice.

Love is universal.

Love is understanding,

in so many unexplainable

or unconventional ways.

Love is forgiving,

Love is faith.

To those incapable of love,

It is a tragedy, a travesty!

For those who can't love.

Those in love

can't explain it either...

Love is so unimaginable

Love is forever

Love can be stubborn

But love is also the glue.

The pure stitchery

of Humanity.

Oceans of Love

Love runs deep and strong


In my Sea of Love,

St. Valentine,

Deliverer of Love.

Oh, Valentine

Died for Love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend, colleague, and fellow Poet, Afzal Shauq. He has done so much for my writing, I can never repay his generosity, kindness, support, and understanding.
Afzal is refreshing. He is so unlike the selfish Americans in my country. Afzal is a Humanitian, he is an outstretched limb to a world. He voices hope, and encouragement.
Afzal makes this world a better place.
Happy Valentine's Day, Afzal. I hope you have a wonderful day.
Shana Valentine

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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow shana dear... you have done this poem as master piece and really verrry attractive and done with rich idea... and so many thanks shana dear... for the love being my best friend and you dedicated to me... its really the jist of my whole dreams you compiled within few stanzas of world class poem.. thanks for this sweet offer on the day of valentine... which proves that you respect me very much as I do too... thank you for that much appreciation of my cause for love and peace... and sure, this poem will be going with side by side in my whole life being your prcious gift at the day of love(valentine)... thank you sooooo much sweet poetess friend...