Free Lunch

My lack of sleep,

Has me coming off like a creep.

You're a plain zombie,

Don't lie, you know you couldn't handle this,

Lifestyle, you aren't anyone's daddy.

She looks nothing like you, sperm donor.

Absolutely no resemblance,

Frankly, wish you never existed.

Maybe then I'd sleep,

And stop acting like such a freak.

Thanks for this series,

Could write a book,

Filled with nothing but hate poems

Expressed solely for you.

Smaller heart than the Grinch, himself.

How are you still breathing?

Lately, I really hate you.

I really just want to explain

Equally, my side,

Been on defense for nearly five years,

And you left me in the blizzard

While my Sky, newborn, prettier than any prism.

Just three days old,

You left my baby girl,

You know you left a .50 mm bullet hole

Lodged in her heart.

Thanks a lot.

Does the phrase "dead-beat"

Mean a thing to you?

This coma like a spell

Like I was Sleeping Beauty

Cursed by the thirteenth fairy.

Bitter as fuck, I'm just getting started,

I'm still yawning...

Hey, psychopath

You dipped,


Tripped up like a little bitch

A cheap slice of pocket change

Coin spinnin'

Spun out.

Train wreck are you,

More like a hurricane, category 5,

Incinerating everything you touch,

Stocked meal cart for every one in the world,

But I'm fresh out of your free lunch.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

what a sweet poem from my soul friend... really well written... hope your words will feed my soul too.. miss your words....