I Love You

Like darts, strangers shoot sharp stink eyes at me, maybe it appears as though I'm talking crazy, haven't yet met you, but between you and me, already I love you.

A boulder in my throat, thick tears pouring, swan song I croak, "I love you"

Reels of tape my memory, spin into mini-DVDs, push play, pause and you will see how much I love you.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider, the metaphor of me, if my life depended on it the only lullaby by heart I knew, I sang my endless love to you.

I remind you three words every day, repetition wins it's way, I love you.

You won't remember, but I do, my little comedian drama queen at two, terribly tickling, giggling, happy to love you.

You hit me with an upper cut, I swallow a full mouth of blood, man do I love you.

Even when you spit in my face, make no mistake, I'll always love you.

My Valentine's Baby, aspiring baseball player, spunky Princess, please believe that I love you.

And some day you'll grow up like me, and by that time hopefully, you will understand I will love you, forEver, infinitely.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

its really a very romantic and sweet note of your writing to the one you love him very much..respect your love for him..because I wish to see you happy and free of all worries being a good and fair friend of mine..well done shana dear for returning back to writing..hope you dont forget your old fair friends too...