Hot Off the Xerox!

The Devil's shoes

adorn my feet.

Five hours of standing

makes me so weak.

So sick of filing

and nasty paper cuts,

my precious mind is sore

from thinking too much.

Ode to my first job,

I'm an administrative assistant,

I might add.

Nine dollars an hour

for slave labor,

makes me wish I'd been born a man.

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

heh... most jobs are horrible... but nine dollars and hour isn't bad really... I work two jobs... one pays 7 dollars and hour and I do more stuff than anyone heh... but for the most part it's just hanging out in an office listenin to music... so I need it for the mellowness. Sure it may seem like a lot... but if you have the proper stuff *like a stereo and a few good CDs* to listen to as you work... then you should be all right.

don't ever wish to be anythin but yourself... I'd bet if you had a decent music CD on while you were workin things would change pretty quick...

Hopefully things will rock and rise *paycheck wise and work environment wise*

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I can so relate to this . I don't know how old you are but I'm 53. My first admin job was for a lawyer out of high school. Back then he paid a whopping 5.00 hr and was a total pita with massive attitude. yeah slave labor I remember it well..