Every Day

There is no surviving

In this world

Why would God put us here?

They say God would never shell out

More than we can bear

Then why is suicide everywhere?

I have had ENOUGH

I can't bear this.

Why the fuck

Am I going through all of this shit?

All at once,

Lay dump everything on me,

God, is it fun watching me

Like a lab rat in agony?

While my eyes can cry out

No more tears

While my psyche can't hold

No more fears

Should I just give up?

Fuck it, just say good night?

You know it's unfair to make me

Lose this fight.

Because I have played this game so hard!

I have given it my all.

So why do my foundations

All to crumble and fall?

And why is it?

That the world remains the same.

But gets worse, and worse,

More and more fucked up

Every day.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

a great poet with impressive theme, done well and sequence of stanzas are also good... but it seems to me sad these day and the reflect of it is appearing in poems... but above all you are young , energetic and very talented girl.. you can leave the worries behind and step ahead with struggling courage and missionary spirit...It's life ...not the bed of roses but the bed of thorns..hope you are ok and doing good... pray for your strong will the re-energize ... miss your new poems at the previous flow... best of luck friend