So Far, I'm So Far Gone

I guess I took a few too many

a few too many pills ago...

I should have known to know better

But I didn't know

I didn't know I'd be gone so far

I'm gone so far

I'm so far gone

That all I feel is spinning

I'm spinning around and around

I guess the pills worked

cuz I can't feel my pain

I don't know why I'm crying

I don't know I'm still the same

I don't know my mess

The mess that awaits me

when I come down

I never want to stop spinning

Spinning around

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Afzal Shauq's picture

a good poem with soo impressive this poem and hope are not gone so far from your friends...means missing your sweet and heartiest words and your poems..hope you are all ok... pray for your long and safe life with sweet smiles..