Back Together

I'm done explaining,

I'm done denying

None of my excuses

Keep me hiding

Everything felt

like it was unraveling

and now I'm

slowly stitching

Everything back together

Eveything's coming back together


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Afzal Shauq's picture

shana the great friend...!! really well done my best friend...really inspiring and rich the way you did... you are making me think of your ideas...and wish to appreciate you much that your sweet words on my poems and if you do as a whole remarks on my whole poetry in few pages...that will be added to my bew book under your name and picture and much thanks and you are really proving to be my best friend ever I got... you are really sooo sweet poetess fiend... pray for your log long life and I feel as I am back to you being the kindred sprit lost from you and you from me..... yours friend