I'm craving this craving

and you better get what I want for me

I want pepperoni pizza

with mushrooms and cheese

I can't help it

Please don't get mad at me

I just would like

something descent to eat

I feel like I can't feed

my craving,

my hunger,

my disease...

Just don't forget

the extra cheese please!

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Afzal Shauq's picture

great and innocent demands of caring from your beloved friend... love this poem and it's a great poem from my favorite poetess friend shana,the great.... I was thinking that you will be friend in fair to me for ever and be in touch but now I am scared if you are not forgetting me... thanks for essay type comments and I am going to add every single sweet word of your's in book and when you see , you will be happy.... hope you be in touch and never stop sending me sweet words in comments way..really respect your words... best of luck shana