68 Tylenol

You're on your last thread,

"68 Tylenol," is what you said

Like a river, these tears flow out,

and slowly down my cheek

I don't know how I can make you believe

Tylenol Island won't set us free.

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Ya know I'm sorry, but that is the only thing I can see. I'm so sick of everyone in this world. Life sucks, I don't get why people can't see that. Everything else(the drugs, cutting, drinking) is all just a temperarry fix. Then they want to take that from me to. Even you, the one person I care about wants to take those away. I'm sorry if I always seem deppressed, but that is how I feel and I can't help how I feel. Those thoughts are neverending, they are so repetative in my head. People try to fix what is wrong with me, but maybe I'm fine with being sad. They never see that side of it. I've never really, truely known happyness. It's all just a big show I put on for those of whom think the world is so great, just to make them feel all mighty and powerfull. I'm sorry, but these feeling arn't gona go away and don't bring up the whole "why can't you accept Adam" because that just makes me feel worse. Feel free to talk about whatever you read in this, I can't do any better.