Just Breathe

If I were you

I'd hold on to this.

Cuz once you let go,

it's forever missed.

And so hard to get back...

Just keep taking things

nice and slow.

I'm not like you,

So let it go.

All I want,

is for you to hear me for once.

Just stop thinking

so much about "us"


Just breathe.

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Jenny Barth's picture

If this poem is about what I think it's about I can relate!
What I think it's about is that your in some kind of relationship(?) and he seems to be obsessive and over protective(?) and maybe you just want to slow down and..well..just breathe?
If it isn't then I apologise but it really reminded me of a relationship I was in a couple of months ago, and I wish I would of come up with this poem because I think it's brilliant