She wants to be strong

to hold herself up,

when there's nothing

no warning, no comfort

and everything just seems

so pointless.

She's weak and she breaks.

She's fallen, she's broken;

She doesn't connect,

the way she did,

the way everything used to be.

He doesn't understand.

He acts as if

everything's okay.

But it's not,

and she knows it.

She keeps telling her,

the voice keeps telling her

to hold on, Shana hold on.

But it's not there.

And he's not there

to remind her


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my favorite poem I've ever written.. this poem is perfect...if perfection existed...ok, this poem is a little bit old, a little bit new,actually its about an old feeling..the poem isn't old i wrote most of it yesterday (aug 5 04)..but it's exactly how i feel/felt. It feels good to get out...sigh...

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matt's picture

we're on the phone....ben is saying he's freaky for me.AHAH anyway i like this one to.

u looked good today.

Lub ya

dragon's picture

yes i agree with you. you've certainly captured the feeling many girls have felt, me included. spot on!