i'm Sorry.

You're just a scar

that's all you are

and some day you're

going to go away.

There's no more

that's all

for now, so far

at least for today, today.

This is it, i'm done!

How was it ever any fun?

i just want to tell you

i'm sorry, i wish

i would have never done it

in the first place...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was for Andy, it took me four years to get over my first love. But consequently the same day I wrote this, Mr.Dead-Beat-Sperm-Donor rescued me from misery. I'd rather be in MISERY than have met Mr.DBSD

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Benjamin Bloomstine's picture

Ya know a lot of these sound like they have to do with us, and how our relationship(as friends)is. But ya know Im probobly just makeing that up in my mind. I'm sorry for anything Ive done to you, hell I wrote a whole fucking song on that, although you probobly didn't even like it. Your shit is always so much better than my shit.