Wasting Time

I shouldn't be reminiscing.

I should be celebrating...

Can't believe this stage,

Still stuck in shock..

There's no way in Hell!

You don't bargain with your life,

Your forever love...

As much as the pain hurts

I try,

I try to block..

Block it out.

These suppressed memories.

I can comprehend.

It wasn't just a waste of time...

Looking into her understanding eyes...

She saved my Soul, wholeheartedly.

Wish I ,

Would have, could have, should have..

Could go there,

But I hold the key.

The only key.

And I'm swallowing it.

You're pathetic,

You'll never be

As big a man as Me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well I'm obviously a chick.
Think out side the box. I have a three year old whose dad abandoned her.

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i give this a 10 i love it!