As the tears fall from your eyes


  Away in dark places you hide

There's no voice

  Telling you it'll be alright...

As time goes by,

  Hopeless dreams start to fade

This is my life:

  Sleepless by night, Pain by day

There's no escape

There's no end

  To the dark, the dark hall way

You can keep running, hiding,

  It won't go away

If you think its over,


   It's not.

You're so blameless

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Elcki Bellande's picture

Nice poem! I understand it and can even relate...a little bit more than what I would've wanted to, but I can relate. I like this the most; "As time goes by, hopeless dreams start to fade/ This is my life: sleepless by night, pain by day/ There's no escape/ There's no end."
Keep up the good work!