Day Dreams

As your thoughts

Turn a blank haze

The depths of your mind

Fall victim to time.

As you begin to picture

Your life in another world

You begin

To slowly slip

Into your

Day dreams

When your eyes

Begin to stray

The cracks in the walls

Fade as you blink them all away

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Ben's picture

Ya know, even now after we have said our final goodbye I still find myself thinking of you. Not in the way I used to veiw you, but the way that we've matured together over the past couple of years. I miss our old friendship, befor it got complicated. The days just spent at the back of chapel high as all fuck. well I'm writting this just to clear my head. Call if you ever wana. I'm probly going to relapse tonight since i just gor a bag of heroin. I'm going to rehab in Spokane for 45 days. all right, um bye.

Hopeless One's picture

well, so far youre poems are pretty good, though i really dont like the super-short endings. also, are you a cutter? im just curious cause i am. very interesting name, wirtz. its german isnt it? or maybe austrian-hungarian? either way its from somewhere around there. oh, and you copied the name of one of my poems(sorta, more like a strange suicide note that was never realized) and isnt it amazing the tricks your eyes can play on you( like making the lines in walls disappear.) well, peace. salaam.

Jenny Barth's picture

heh heh ace, its so true!
Yeah and thanks for putting a comment on mine, its based on a true story believe it or not =P
We ARE alike! ost of your poems are similar to what I would usually write, keep in touch =D