Hopeless Romantic

My Love

Who knew?
That one smile; that her face
Could steal my heart so quickly
So utterly captured
And I don’t want to be rescued

Does she know?
That every time she comes into a room
A host of butterflies soar within me?
And every time she leaves
Does she know that I can’t breathe?

Does she know?
That I would do all I can
With all my strength
With all that is given me
Just to see her happy?

Does she know?
That when her heart breaks
My heart breaks
When her tears fall down
My tears fall too
But she may never see that
I’m very good at hiding my feelings.

Does she realize?
Just how much she means to me?
How much she’s worth to me?
That I don’t want to live without her?
That she’s worth the pain, the tears, and the broken hearts?
That she’s so much more than she thinks?
That I love her?
That I’m still here?

A hopeless romantic, I give hope to others
But keep none for myself.

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