Online friends

book 15

I had friends

     once long ago

who would give

     anything for me


and just the same

     I was their friend

standing true

     right by their side


if they would call

     and say come right now

and bring a gun

     I would be there


so long ago

     so far away

and today

     I stand alone


my standards are

     just as they were

and duty is

     so very strong


and today

     if I should call

no one does answer

     no one does come


I stand alone

     in dark of night

out in the cold

     myself alone


when I was young

     so very long ago

in a different world

     that now is gone


I did not dream

     nor did I fear

of the friends

     I have online



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ramonathompsont's picture

a very good write. kinda sad

a very good write. kinda sad but very gripping as well