book 15

A empty need

     gnawing inside

of something half remembered

     now loss to me


Grasping at memories

     slipping so far away

once they were closer

     then they were mine


Outside rain is falling

     barely wets the ground

now it is too little

     and it is too late


Bleak lies the landscape

     far as I can see

washed out the colors

     faded like memories


Long days spent waiting

     endlessly all the same

one just like another

     more faded slipping away


Somehow I am needing

     what I do not know

empty I am waiting

     watching the gray sky


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I have some memories that I

I have some memories that I hope I don't forget.  Forgetting memories just... feels like a 2nd death of that person you cared about. 

*~Be Legendary ~ Ian Mascoe*