Running away

book 15

the mornings light

     before me lies

dawn does break

     in eastern sky


and I know not

     what in the day

what I shall do

     stay or go away


a distant path

     does call to me

to places that

     I might be


and do the things

     that I do not know

and learn the things

     that I might know


and yet the fear

     of what might be

what I might find

     and I might be


but yet to stay

     so simple be

no need to learn

     no need to try


and yet but here

     the night I’ve spent

had not sweet dreams

     but nightmares here


and yet perhaps

     in light of day

perhaps might I

     new things find


perhaps if I

     but only stay

somehow today

     might better be


yet distant roads

     places far away

somehow yet still

     does call to me


perhaps this night

     is what I flee

perhaps the darkness

     will fade away


and distant lands

     if traveled to

will still at night

     find nightmares there


perhaps the call

     to run away

a siren’s call

     to ruin be


so here I am

     awaiting the dawn

perhaps this day




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I liked this alot. takes

I liked this alot. takes courage to seek new things and new paths in life. yet the familar also holds its own allure. which to choose? sometimes not so easy to know