Seeking meaning

book 15


on fibers coarse


     with little clay


nibs are stained


     with indigo ink




lines of cursive


     carefully formed


seeking meaning


     to come forth




chrome plated steel


     and laminate wood


plastics cast


     a cage formed




aligned in rows


     of boys and girls


trying to find


     what to know




classroom did form


     a prison dark


locked out the sound


     of the Muses song




warm air to flow


     through wildflowers bright


bees there to hum


     and birds take flight




castles to float


     on scented breeze


grasses to tickle


     bare running feet




through glass so hard


     that kept at bay


what could be seen


     but a world away




beyond the confines


     of what was taught


forms that did constrict


     the youthful mind




beauty unseen


     did fill the thoughts


where wonder did dance


     of what might be




blackboards of chalk


     filled with empty words


to teach of things


     that were not sought




with quills of ink


     in cursive words


seeking the meaning


     of the unknown






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Blackboards, now I haven't

Blackboards, now I haven't seen those since my university days and early years lecturing in front of a class. Everything was pre-Google back then, all done by hand and sweat; be it calculations or research. Wow. We have come a long way in some ways and not at all in others, even backward sliding as some would note. Thanks for sharing.

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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