Green spyder

book 15

Rag top down

     and stowed away

so smooth clean lines

     did gently flow


four wheels suspension

     independent all

front disc brakes

     speed down to haul


four speed manual

     grabbing clutch light

six thousand to shift

     screaming bright


A M radio

     in dash stuck

a hacked job

     but no one cared


chrome gas cap

     on the rear deck

rounded corners three

     to fill tank small


balanced so right

     with skid pad high

screaming through corners

     without slowing down


wind did bubble

     and tangle flowing hair

sunlight burning down

     on golden brown skin


girls did wonder

     and parents did fear

of what adventures

     the driver did dream



bright days of summer

     down roads twisting tight

with screaming engine

     shifting quick and tight


highways long did call

     to come fly along

seeking after nothing

     but another summer day



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Is a poem to make a Detroiter smile.