Baloney and Ritz

book 15

artisan bread sliced

     I baked on a stone

in a oven medium

     on a warm summer day


placed on a stoneware platter white

     on a table of butcher block

with the condiments I’d need

     to prepare my noon feast


from the deli bought

     baloney fresh as can be

on a platter laid out

     slices fresh and round


to complement these

     from the grocery I got

a tin of bright red

     with Ritz crackers filled


with a butter knife spread

     mayo pure and white

mustard nice and brown

     tart as I like


round slices I did spread

     upon the white bread

and covered them all

     with crackers mirroring them


rebellion did raise

     it’s little ugly head

and swiss slices square

     on them I did spread


a second bread slice

     to top it all off

to complete my noon feast

     now ready to eat




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Have not eaten any in decades. Drooling and may go get a few slices from Eastern Market Deli. Also overdue for a Reubin on a fat onion roll! A great write!


Lady A




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  it's always great to sit


it's always great to sit before a selfmade feast


would only say that the red dye #2 in balogna is sodium nitrate which

combines with the amino acids in the meat to form carcinogenic