Winter day

book 13


sunlight lances pure and white

     crashing into the crystals bright

rainbows flashing in the light

     the sharp brightness stealing sight


frigid wind blowing fast

     swirling with crystals diamond hard

seems to slash into my skin

     with sharp pain I cannot ignore


distant across the unbroken white

     lies a goal that I must reach

somehow another footstep take

     and another in endless chain


tall trees stand in covering snow

     their green limbs frosted white

going on along my path

     sheltering me not from the wind


wind does howl through their limbs

     sounding like the hopeless damned

it would steal my hope away

     taking my strength to journey on


endless does the journey same

     unbroken white always the same

every step almost too hard

     each one feeling to be my last


somewhere beyond my hope does lie

     somehow something that I must find

far beyond me somewhere

     and I seek to be there


endless pain from blinding light

     and slashing crystals within the wind

the endless steps that continue on

     and the fear that I might fail


somehow within must I find

     somewhere the will to carry on

somehow the strength for another step

     somehow be able to do it again


far beyond where I can see

     some how can I ever there be

find the place that I do seek

     somewhere the place that I must be


walking on an endless plain

     with every step just the same

onward into the frigid wind

     and sharp light that gives only pain

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Starward's picture

Sounds like Siberia.  I

Sounds like Siberia.  I applaud your winter imagery.


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