A new day

book 13

A million stars lie at my feet

     with red and oranges flickering bright

mists of darkness flow by them

     with the scent of burning wood


here and there I can see

     bundles of rags that so still lie

and with fear from them I look

     turning my eyes from what I would not see


on both sides the burnt out shells

     up thrust bones of blackness

of the hopes and of dreams

     stolen in the black of night


distant cries can be heard

     like the baying of hunting hounds

trembling trying to quicken dragging feet

     fleeing what behind me is


wants of one against another turned

     both were right and both were wrong

excepting not the other one

     seeking in anger to destroy


cool wind brushes against my face

     chilling the drops that there lie

slowly stiffens my wet clothes

     the dark stains I would deny


seeking that which lies ahead

     a dim glow of golden light

lying on the horizon far

     a soft beacon that calls to me


I would leave the fears behind

     seek the joys denied to me

shining hope of what might be

     in the dawning of the new day






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I really applaud this

I really applaud this poem---the use of imagery here precisely and adroitly supports the emotion and drives it forward to the conclusion.  It is a very powerful reading experience.  The nineteenth line seems to falter, and I do not fully understand what it means, "horizon far" might sound better as "far horizon."  But these are small criticisms compared to the massive energy in this poem.  I think what I like the most about it is how it just kind of reached out and grabbed me and propelled me forward, without a pause or a break (except those two points I mentioned above) until the momentum arrives and relaxes in the last two lines.  This is a really fine poem, and I will be re-reading it again.  Thank you for posting it.


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