In coming storm

book 13

high upon a green hill

     raising hand against the sun

turning quickly this way and that

     looking out upon the land


with quick steps pacing back and forth

     looking long this way and that

suddenly looking out

     at something far away


cold dark clouds rise high up

     cold winds from them descend

dust blow skittering across the land

     before the coming of freezing rain


feeding upon the rising heat

     growing broader and darker still

the wind is now more fiercely blow

     racing across the land


with slow query steps continuing on

     pausing to look ahead

glancing quickly side to side

     continuing with slow steps on


looking on the way before

     feet dragging in the dust

shoulders sag so weary down

     pausing to look on again


suddenly pausing in the gaze

     looking to the coming storm

quick steps taken towards it then

     looking with shaking head


dark storm races across the land

     sweeping all the before it lies

cold rain and slashing all that lives

     darkness consuming all


stumbling steps continue on

     no longer looking about

tripping and falling to the knees

     and falling onto the ground


quickly racing forward now

     racing towards the storm

and what upon the road there lies

     straining with quick moving feet


cold drops begin to fall

     wind teasing at the cloth

sunlight into darkness fades

     the face looks up again


into darkness the steps race

     the darkness embraces all

light fades from the land

     within the falling rain







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Here it comes.

Dark clouds running.

Winds sing.

Water grows like

tree fruit and falls.

Fleet footed people