Misty lane


In the twilight of the setting sun

     cold wind stirrers the whispering leaves

like the whispering of have heard voices

     speaking of echoes of things now faded


silently cold mists are carried

     before my eyes in half seen memories

twisting shapes that form and fade

     teasing of memories long forgotten


footsteps are heard whispering nearer

     as people are seeing now in the swirling

faces now seeing once long forgotten

     have recognized from so long ago


once together we joyfully were

     in innocent youth oh so wise

the world before us ripe for taking

     and our dreams of it remaking


upon our paths we did set out

     bright sun lighting the way before us

parting ways in the new tomorrow

     in the mists of memory quickly fading


so long as been since I thought of them

     on life's twisting paths unforseeing

behind me footsteps quickly fading

     silently into the mists again fading


my way is lost in the mists of time

     not knowing how to this place I came to be

nor the steps by which I might return

     to the place where we together were


so long ago when we were young

     when together we did joyfully play

and did danced to minstrels playing

     into dark of night's quickly fading


how could what was ever end

     the bright lights of then ever loss be

our friendships ever a ending have

     and fade away in the swirling mists


cold droplets form upon my skin

     stealing all warmth as they flow down

what once was then gives no warmth

     as I stand in the fading twilight








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