A kiss full of passion among our heated lust




He desired more than my body – he wanted my heart




We are both bared to each other completely with nothing but skin




Our bodies entwined to one another, nothing but love can ever be found




He loved me that night, made love to me , and thanked what Higher Power could be named that I was still by his side, as he softly whispered,




"Please be mine."




If I could only explain, my feelings out loud without the fear of hurting you




I don’t love you




Yet my love has changed because of you




The way we fought and made up




The uncounted tears or those happy times unforgettable they seem




But I look into tomorrow; I don't see you by my side




It's hard to explain or maybe it's just you




I don’t think I can honestly stay committed to you




I meant seriously we are a "couple" or perhaps I feel empty and search for more




I love another lover




But I still can't explain my inner turmoil without breaking your heart




I know I care but not like I used to




I think this may well be a finale




All this time I've had to think




I realized you're not for me




My uncounted tears every night




They aren't for you








I find myself thinking about him




Even during the few encounters we have




This experience is new




Seems surreal and too good to be true




But he appreciates my inner demons




Something you have never seen!








It's like a story




Everything so perfect




I think I know how he feels




It may become an ordeal








My uncounted tears




They come from my heart




My heart reaching out to another




He's somebody that cares




He knows who I truly am




He's opened my eyes




He's made me dream again - there can be more to life




That you wouldn't let me see




I must go





Must you bear this cross as it weighs down your body and soul?

Is it not a heavy burden and sin to carry as you make your way through life?

You are like a puppet on a string - take the scissors and slice the strings!

I can no longer be your crown of thorns as my presence will only hurt you and lead to a slow death of the body and mind



Forgive me, that is all I want


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Note: A femme fatale tells her occasional lover that she can no longer be his mistress as she has another lover, and wants to be "innocent" (meaning starting anew) while the married lover has plans to make her his (wife).


The first part is from the married lover's perspective that he has found his true soulmate and wishes to be committed to her and make her his wife. The second part deals with the femme fatale/mistress perspective on the relationship and why she can't be with him even though he promises her commitment, happiness, and marriage (it is also implied that he is already divorced). She breaks off the relationship because she has fallen for another lover (implied to be royalty) plus she feels that he's too clingy and emotionally attached. 


crown jewel

1. A precious jewel that is part of or featured on a monarch's or sovereign's regalia.
2. An asset or possession prized as being the best of a group of similar things.


crown of thorns

Something that causes one pain and suffering. Alludes to the crown of thorns that Jesus was made to wear before his crucifixion. Its usage is similar to the phrase "cross to bear."


a cross (somebody has) to bear (British & Australian) also a cross (somebody has) to carry (American & Australian)

An unpleasant situation or responsibility that you must accept because you cannot change it. A situation or person that you have to accept and deal with, although you find it very difficult.



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