I can feel you embrace my skin
Ebbing and flowing like tides on the ocean wave
Your hair feels like the clouds I’ve dreamed to touch
Your eyes are closed, savoring the memory to mind
We’re breathing in the here and now
I never thought I’d want someone so much like breathing air
Your tenderness makes me feel safe
I can feel nothing but fingers and skin exploring and groping
You leave me breathless and gasping
Your kisses are sweeter than wine
Our bodies naturally know what to do

We go far back to the very first time we first made love
This wasn’t merely a fuck
Come and let me have your lips, let me taste your fears
I will give you what you need
I feel your skin on mine
Roam my flesh with your soul and worship my body
The thirst will soon be gone
Safe is not just a place, it can be the space inside the body
Open up and I will take you to a different high
I'll show you that heaven is not just a state of mind
Explore me with your kiss, trace the path to hell and sin and I will give you the heaven
Between my hips

I still struggle to find heat in my heart
As the darkness slowly shows itself
My mind and heart go further apart
I laugh at love
No longer knowing the meaning of the word

My soul releases every emotion
Each and every scream can't be heard
There are tales of angels becoming demons
A bearer of light becomes one of darkness
Banishing all worldly feelings
Gaining pleasure from the misfortune and pain
Feeding off the sorrow of sinners

Impariamo a godere di questo paradiso nel nostro inferno

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Glossary: Italian - Impariamo a godere di questo paradiso nel nostro inferno means Let us learn to enjoy this heaven in our hell

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Although I dislike the

Although I dislike the aspects of hell that are woven into the poem, I must admit---despite myself---that this is a very powerful poem that still can overcome that obstruction.  As a love poem it is very unique, and sets a very high standard.  The seventeenth line is the most dynamic in the poem, and one of the most dynamic individual lines that I have ever read---and I have been reading poetry for nearly fortysix years.  I am very glad that random browsing brought me to this one, as it presents quite a reading experience!