Bronze Venus


A star was born in Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn on the 30th of June to a family of influence and wealth descending from the very man John C. Calhoun, himself


Lena Horne was a beautiful woman and soul; diversity radiated from her very essence from her spirit itself


Her racial heritage was a mixture of African American, Native American, and European descent - family pride and honor came with her family name as the Horne was one of the First Families of Brooklyn


As raised and nurtured in a cosmopolitan sense, she was more than a pretty face and lovely name


The chanteuress was also a civil rights activist who fought for the rights of others, she denounced racism and fought injustice which unfortunately still exists


An epitome of style, elegance, and grace whose charms, bravery, and charisma will never be forgotten; she left an indelible mark in history


Known for her commanding presence, subtle dignity, and strength - she was a powerhouse in her own right


She graced this world with pride and strength; a rare soul and beautiful heart


May her legacy forever shine, cherish, and protect the future generations to follow


She will never be forgotten and always a light for coming tomorrows


Rest in Peace

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First Family of Brooklyn - A term for wealthy upper class families in Brooklyn, New York who contribute greatly in society and are famous socialites in the community (especially the Horne family)


John C. Calhoun - An American statesman and political theorist from South Carolina, and the seventh Vice President of the United States. He is best remembered for pro - slavery and for advancing the concept of minority rights in politics, which he did in the context of defending Southern values from perceived Northern threats. His reputation legacy is extremely controversial.


Bronze Venus - A nickname for Lena Horne given to her because of her beauty


French - Chanteuress translates to English as female singer


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lena horne,long live her

lena horne,long live her memory

ron parrish

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Nice Tribute

Thank you - allets