On December 1st of each year, red ribbons are interlaced everywhere.

It's for each and every person infected by HIV/AIDS.

The immune virus that is hushed and silenced, a private personal matter like an unspoken rule.

If known that one is positive, then all life known turns hell and that soul, that HUMAN BEING is made to suffer unjustly at the very hands of society.

Stigma attached to the incurable disease breeds hate and fear making one diagnosed positive feel sub - human and inhuman like a ghost.

HIV/AIDS affects us all whether we know it or not - although there is no cure for this fatal score, we have hope that one day we can fight this disease.

Until then, educate yourself and get tested - knowing your status can help save your life!

Further spread awareness and prevention so that others can know, let's work together to end the fatal virus and stop the hate!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The red ribbon is the universal symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV/AIDS.


HIV/AIDS stigma exists around the world in a lot of different ways, including ostracism, rejection, discrimination and avoidance. HIV-related stigma and discrimination exist worldwide, although they manifest themselves differently across countries, communities, religious groups and individuals. There is possible consequences of HIV-related stigma to be: loss of income and livelihood, loss of marriage, and childbearing options, poor care within the health sector, withdrawal of caregiving in the home, loss of hope, and feelings of worthlessness and loss of reputation. HIV stigma and key affected populations. The affected populations are groups of people who are disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS, such as the gay community, people who inject drugs and sex workers. Stigma and discrimination are often directed towards these groups simply because others disapprove of their behaviors.

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