A sailors tale

In the moment of epiphany

A seaside town where I wish to be

A sailors mouth be foul and stale

But the heart of his waters calm with ale


Listen to brethren speak of monsters in deep

The mermaids hymn was sung tenderly

Alas he cried to her beautiful song

If I listen to you my will be in wrong


The ship turned away from the beautiful noise

Like a king he drove so elegant and poised

For where he was going was troubled with storm

and you can't be tied down with things of the norm


With a sober clean heart he battened down doors

So the water that came could not spoil the wares

He cried to the living God in such a calamity

Steady thy waters so that I may sail safe please


God did hear him in all his good faith

Then steadied the waters so that he could sail safe

His marvelous eyes spoke with such wonder

Stay away from dualism, it will pull you asunder


Wholesomeness he spoke while he heartily drank

Slammed down his cup and said TO GOD I GIVE THANKS!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

May the Most High bless the reader according to their faith.

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Feeling Blessed

and alive Re-read 04-12-21 an epic voyage assuredly! ~S~