for love

When I first met you

You were something I desired but could never reach

You were always at my finger tips

But we seem to never touch

You amazed me with how brave you were

And you were oh so free

You were always laughing and smiling

And for some reason you were drawn to me

Finally as we touched we exploded

And our worlds collided

At first I was full of insecurities and doubt

Until I finally made up my mind and decided

I chose this life with you

You and I were doing this together

My burden seemed a little heavier

But somehow still light as a feather

I couldn’t wait to tell the world

About the new love I had found

But this world didn’t take to keenly to us

And it wasn’t so safe and sound

It kept trying to tear at us

And break us, make us grow apart

I was barely holding on to you

As we were fighting through the dark

The world would whisper in my ear

That you would never be enough

That I shouldn’t be chained to you

I won’t make it and it’s too tough

And it whispered in your ear too

I don’t know how you held on to me and I to you

I have no idea how you deciphered the lye from the true

The world would tell many tales of me with another

You would just hold your hand up, and simply not bother

It never fazed you, but I was not so strong

I was starting to think I was oh so wrong

For giving you a chance but I kept on

And soon I realized that the world is evil and it can be wrong

The world doesn’t want to see me happy

And few want me to succeed

And even fewer want me to pass them and exceed

They wanted me to give up the best thing that I had

They loved to bully me and push me and make me feel bad

And that they did, but you were always comforting

And you stuck by my side

And you helped me realize that safety is where we abide

So I whipped off my tears, and smiled through

And soon I realized that all that matters is me and you.

The world will one day stop, as I take back my power

That there is light at the end, soon this will all be over

You challenged me to hold on tight to what I’ve seen

And to forgive, but not to forget where I had been

Because who I was with before

Would only hurt me all the more

But you have so much instore

I realized that nothing could ever compare to what we have

Not to sink to their level but keep rising above

And that no matter what, its always worth it for love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem for sobriety, my new found love

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The thousand mile trip begins with the first step.  I too have walked this path.  It gets easier with each step.  --  Stephen

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I am holding on

Hope for a better hour or better tomorrow is all i have to keep me sober and for now that is enough my friend. Thank you, Stephen.