these hoes

Imma just sit back and be quiet

Im not even gonna bother with  this shit,

This shit sure aint gonna bother me

Yall can hold on to your words, I walk who I wanna be

 I wont bother even make a sound

I know who I am while yall bitches still trying to be found

Imma just sit back here relax and observe

Watching all you crooked bitches swerve

Theres no need for me to talk anymore

My feet are planted strongly on the floor,

You be acting like your face just hit the door

tripping over me as you walk

The dangerous bitches are the quiet ones, all yall made of is talk


Honestyly Ive had enough of you bitches

Smiling in my face while wishing me snitches

And I aint even done shit to yall but play nice

Don’t get me twisted, I dont need no assistance,

Watch out! Before you speak just  think twice

You wont see it when im coming, take your mommas advice

These hoes is tripping out here

Imma have to show them where I came from

Iim not that removed from my home

Im not that far removed from where I just been

Wont take but a second to go there again

These hoes really trying to fuck with me

If I wanted they man my man they would be

Are they jealous of the ice on my fingers?

Or the way that my curves still lingers?

Creeping up on the back of they mans mind

They checking out what I wear I never repeat

I ride they man just like a beat

He wants give me some head

He begs to check out my kitty litter

My shit is so young and so tight all of these bitches is bitter

I don’t have to talk, my body talks me with its curves

thick bitch in all the right places

i smile at them as they talk shit because i fucked all they mans faces haaa

i mean honestly, these hoes are just jokes to me

walking around like they intimitating when theyre intimitaded

face so heavy with makeup its outdated.

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