arms of sobriety tell tale

I count every day  since I got sober

because on my bad days it keeps me alive

I count one, twenty, fourty reasons why im better off without you;

when it hurts it helps me survive

but I do still wonder what youre doing 

you seem to be doing better now

but then i hear that you relapsed, or using

and thank God that I made it out somehow

I have to remind myself that I'm powerless

but that doesnt mean that I could careless

You're just like me, weak when it comes to this

I can't make you feel better when I  cant even take my own pain

but each day I stay sober, I find myself less insane

and each day I hear that youre doing better or worse

I realise that this deasease is a madning curse

I have to walk away and let you loose

in sobriety I found everything i was looking for

i left everything behind, said goodbye when I hit jails' cold floor

but this thing inside me doesnt give up it stands to fight

this deasease inside of both of us keeps me up at night

everything I thought I lost when I was using, I found it when I got right

In working the steps of the program, and I'm hoping you are too,

I'm no longer living active addiction, but active in arms of sobriety

It no longer clouds my judgement, but darkness still does cover me

but atleast now i can keep my head high because now im living in the arms sobriety

I wish I could give you everything that I found and gained

I wish I could impart to you the sympathy, love and knowledge I retained

I wish I could trade places with you 

I wish you were living sober too

and may be you are,I can only guess, I  dont really know

all I know is that were both powerless over this desease 

but I grew tired of loosing my soul to watch it increase

so I fought and keep fighting for it to cease

cease to excist and cease to take me over,

i wish i could protect you and cover

cover you from that filthyness and that lie

cover you with the love and compassion but i

I simply cant even tho i try

im just as powerless over you as i am over this thing

im just as powerless over today as i am just about everything

i guess now i have to make choicess for just me

to keep moving forward without you,

in the arms of sobriety

i used to fall asleep in your arms till we would pass out
with a needle

now im in the arms of sobriety and i dont get to have either

it seems like you used to care so much, and didn't care enough

and i cared way too much

eventually you fell back in love with me and i simply fell out of touch

I no longer need you, and i no longer want the needle

yet i still love you but my emotions are feeble

and my heart is so broken and my skin so frail

in the arms of sobriety i signed the ending of our tell tale

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November 14, 1993 at 10:30 P.M.

The exact moment I downed my last swallow of alcohal.   ---  Stephen

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i think i was finished way

i think i was finished way before i ever stopped