Satish Verma

It heaves you up; 
too antsy to stay 
on the waves, 
inheriting the power- 
dynamics of deemed palaces. 

Channeling the inner Gandhi 
or Buddha to reincarnate 
the fragrance of past. Could 
have become a golden 
era again. 

The fraud! Everthing was 
created by a mockingbird. 
Are you sure there 
was a war cry between 
the insects? 

You remind me of ugly 
dads fathering a new generation 
of unborn myths.Thousands of 
witnesses will keep their 
eyes shut.

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The Grand Finale

That last line is a kicker! Sight and prediction, ignorance without the bliss, distraction, missing the important events purposfully - or other, a wondrous image - Lady A