Forgetting The Hymn

Satish Verma

Spherules start a pincer attack 
on the modesty of an epiphany. 
The manifestation was incomplete. 

The windows were very small in- 
the wind-palace. Only ringdoves 
were sitting on the sills, cooing all day. 

They were sitting in a row; cross- 
legged, the naked monks. As a penance 
they were getting the scalp hair pinched off. 

Swearing will not help. You need to 
suffer like a forgotten language, 
like grass blades who bend again & again.

Satish Verma

allets's picture

"...You need to/suffer like a forgotten language..."

Occasionally, an image leaps at me like a mote drifting at the edge of my eye, turned to it vanishes in the light beam that created it. Like that. - Just Bein' Stella