Breathless again, I struggle onward for the sake of rest,
confused in perception, perplexed in conception, i find no peace,
Damned with a curse, lost in a trance, with no traces of zest,
I realize that the flooding of painful agony shall never cease

Through the scars of reality's fabric, i lurch ahead,
wavering between the moment and infinite, my eyes open wide
Screams of treachery, voices of temptation lurk in my head,
all aiming towards the religiously forbidden act of suicide

Beyond the heavens and all what may be perceived through the mind's eye,
outside the confines of a mind's constricting disposition,
Lies a world too liberating for a moulded vessel to be able to fly,
rather in the form of the matterless soul may you witness such liberation,
Only when you've been untied from the cables of space and the wounds of twisted time,
when you're finally set free, and die,
may you come to witness the light of truth, the source of all, the beginning and the end, God, the fortress of primordial creation, and a far more beautiful horizon, for you and I

Author's Notes/Comments: 

death,freedom and horizons

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