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Washington Post reporters are to be commended for their tremendous investigative work in uncovering details of Donald Trump regime crimes.  Their work is a separate issue from the record of Jeff Bezos.

In March of 2019, Senator Elizabeth Warren suggested the breakup of Amazon, which many environmentalists consider a deforesting monopoly

run without regard to union member rights.


Update March 2019

Jeff Bezos kills animals through ownership of a cattle ranch, Whole Foods and Amazon sales of meat, fish, eggs, milk, fir trees, promotion of animal eating in Whole Foods and Alexa ads, ownership of a deforesting newspaper and Amazon trillions of cardboard boxes, warmongering etc.



Axios and MSNBC report that Jeff Bezos' fortune is not 150 but 160 billion dollars.
1. Workers struck in Germany Spain and elsewhere over terrible working conditions. in their countries and elsewhere.. The Seattle Times published a column on Amazon US workers' need for a union

Amazon workers often receive no bathroom breaks. In one Amazon location, so many workers
fainted from the heat, ambulances were kept waiting outside. Amazon workers are searched
when they leave. The long lines can involve an hour's wait for which the workers aren't paid.
Their wages are low.

Bezos is trying to remove some benefits of Washington Post

reporters, drivers, and press operators.

Jeff Bezos' unionbusting tactics


Bernie Sanders calls out Bezos on worker conditions.

Many employees of the richest man in the world are on food stamps.

The Real Price of Amazon's Free Shipping – Mother Jones

Bezos has raised the minimum wage but retaliated by cutting bonuses and stock benefits.

2. And yet. Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, Amazon, Whole Foods, a cattle ranch etc. is the richest man in the world with an accumulated wealth of 150 billion dollars.

3. There is racial bias in Amazon photo recognition software which identified black and Latino congresspersons as criminals. Is that the CIA facial recognition software?
4. Bezos maintains the CIA cloud for 600 million.

5. Bezos has promoted several illegal immoral US government wars.

6. Bezos and the Washington Post for decades have been a conduit for CIA disinformation.
7a. Amazon and the Washington Post are major deforesters, destroying trees for cardboard packaging and newsprint. Deforestation is the prime cause of global heating and rising seas. 140 degrees in parts of Africa, 106 degrees in Japan, Toronto residents hospitalized for

heat, fires in 13 states in 2018 are some effects of deforestation.

7b.  Amazon is selling axed 7 ft high Christmas trees starting this year.
8. As a cattle rancher, Bezos has profiteered from animal agony, mammal flesh related diseases, energy waste, and the deforestation caused by slaughterhouse murder bound mammals who pull up sapling trees in their grazing.
9. Whole Foods ads shill for mammal, bird and fish flesh.  Foods derived from animal slaughter cause animal agony, human disease, energy waste, and environmental destruction.
10a. The Nation magazine and others have reported that USPS postal workers must shoulder the burden of Amazon, which many charge does not pay its fair share at the USPS. Historically the USPS has allowed US citizens through first class mail to pay for the lower cost of bulk corporate mail.

Bezos is the chief beneficiary of the privatization of parts of the USPS, with postal workers the victims.

11. Like henhawk Joni Ernst, intalled by the Koch Brothers as a senator from Iowa,
who bragged she could castrate pigs in Iowa and politicians in DC, Jeff Bezos
did not object to castrating helpless mammals.

12.  With 290,000 acres at least, Jeff Bezos is among the top 25 landowners in the US. Another animal abuser is Ted Turner, 2nd in land holdings, who profiteers from the murder of bison.

13. Jeff Bezos' Amazon crushed an attempt by Seattle to tax Amazon a small amt to help homeless

14.  Amazon will stop selling foie gras in California because of a lawsuit

It appears that Bezos' Amazon will continue selling the brutally produced foie gras in other states

15. Bezos' Amazon paid no taxes


Bezos' Whole Foods has sued activists attempting to publicize the terrible conditions
of Whole Foods meat suppliers.

The following 2 paragraphs are quoted with the permission of


'Beginning in 2014, Hsiung and DxE have undertaken multiple undercover investigations of Whole Foods suppliers, exposing what they call criminal animal cruelty at farms that include Diestel Turkey Ranch, Pitman Family Farms (Mary’s Free Range Chicken) and Petaluma Farms. The investigations have led to thousands of complaints against Whole Foods on social media and protests across the country against both Whole Foods and its parent company, Amazon.

Earlier this year Hsiung was arrested and charged with “threatening bodily injury” after asking questions at a Colorado Whole Foods about the conditions at the company’s meat suppliers; a video of the incident posted on Facebook was viewed over 3.4 million times (and shared by the musician Moby). Hsiung says the new suit is an effort to prevent exposure of disturbing animal abuse at Whole Foods farms. '

Currently the CIA is continuing destabilization of oil rich Venezuela, Nicaragua, Afghanistan.

Historically, the Washington Post's Woodward and Bernstein helped Kissinger and Mark Felt, number 2 man at the FBI, in their plot to rid the White House of Nixon, not because he and Kissinger bombed Cambodia and killed millions, but because Nixon on a taped conversation was heard telling Billy Graham that when re-elected he would end Zionist control of the airwaves.  Felt worked with Kissinger while the #3 man at the FBI, William Sullivan, was loyal to Nixon. Sullivan was murdered in a NJ housing development by a NJ state trooper. The murder was called a hunting accident.

In 1965 the New York Times published a short article of the life of Ho Chi Minh. Many who read it understood for the first time the betrayal of Ho by Woodrow Wilson, and by Eisenhower's failure to honor FDR's promise to Ho that should he help rid Vietnam of the Japanese, the US would support his lifetime battle to rid Vietnam of its French colonizers. On the other hand, the Washington Post was a prowar newspaper while millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians and 58,000 American soldiers died and many times that were injured.

Cattle rancher Jeff Bezos, allegedly world's richest man, owns Whole Foods whose tv ad implies vegans are unstable people who lapse into the Neanderthal paleo diet. The ad's 'whatever makes you whole' glorifies those who tear animals apart.

Bezos' land holdings

Jeff Bezos, cattle castrater

USPS workers pay the price for Amazon

Amazon's racial bias in photo recognition software

European workers strike re Amazon working conditions.

American Amazon workers need a union

Amazon maintains CIA cloud  600 million worth



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I Could Not Follow Your Criticism of Bezos

The catchy phrases and terms have no meaning for me; I don't follow news about billionaires. So, I read up for half an hour: Bezos personal worth 82 billion, company worth almost 1/2 trillion. Trump and Bexos are staging a war; 10% drop in once The Donald was elected. Bezos espouses free trade which helps Amazon, but Trumps tariffs were aimed at restricting Amazon's world-wide business. The seven muslim nations banned from travel visa in usa do not make sense yet, but there is probably a Bezos connection that will be unveiled in the Mueller investigation of Trump in eary 2019 (or sooner). The Supreme court upheld some of the bans from countries designated a danger to national security. The Washington Post is anti-trump and explains why so much attention is given to Bezos for anti-trust violations and tax fraud (interestingly, these items keep attaching themselves to Trump and not Bezos). Bezos does not dominate retail market share and retail and newspapers do not constitute dominant control of any one area of the economy. Not an anti-trust issue. Bezos will certainly finance getting rid of Trump as president - Trump is bad for his businesses. Still looking for information that is reliable on ranch slaughtering. - slc



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thank you  your reviews are always informative