Dogs In Shelters

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Shelter dogs have been abandoned because a baby was coming, people moving, neighbor complaints re barking, humans claiming poverty re dog food costs, or in some cases the death of the human companion. Juveniles and in some cases adults tortured dogs.  Some have been chained at short length, given water and food only occasionally.  Some had no dog house.  Many dogs and cats died this summer in their fur coats as did birds in their feathered coats in 3 digit heat. Unspayed mothers and their puppies are often discarded. Some have been hit by cars and left unhelped. Some are so neglected with mange or other that when they walk they leave pawprints of blood. Seldom have any escaped research labs unless with the help of outraged humans. Some abandoned dogs have waited for days where dumped by cars, chasing each new car looking for reunion with those who left them.

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The last sentence is precisely Molly's case.

She runs in front of every vehicle that passes.

And she is a very large, strong, pitbull puppy.