Only The Chinese Govt And Bankers Benefit From Our Internal Strife



The division of Biden Democrats, Trump Republicans and nonTrump

Republicans has been very polarizing. This division

benefits only the government of China,
which with 4 to 5 times our population, a control
of metals, computer and cell phone components and supplies,

pharmaceuticals,etc. could take over the US economically and militarily.
The Chinese government and bankers own trillions of dollars of
US debt. China owns us. We need to find a way that Americans
can find common ground peacefully so that we are not occupied
by a foreign power. God bless America, the world, and all
sentient beings.

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Civil War

That would require discipline and a way past CIA, FBI, Homeland, and armed soldiers, vets and active, and The Girl Scouts. Small militia groups are that small and vulnerable. usa finances China - if trade imbargo actioned, they would calm down the rhetoric and concentrate on Hong Kong, the China Sea, and N. Korea. 

We can feed us. Can they feed so many without us. Note: We need to feed ourselves. It will get calmer when work places open again. 15 dollars per hour buys a lot of pacivity. Buying power - we can be dangerous economically with full bellies.


Of the few thousand on 01-06-21 most stayed outside the building. Trump will get a rap on the wrist.  2 Impeachments - I'll take the historical statistic. Most usa folks are not moved by the media hype or the political noise. One bomb so far by a guy who was hunting sci-fi aliens.


FCC will ice the weekend warrior noise - prisons and feds on their doorstep will push the gun toters back into the cracks they crawled out of. Most usa citzs, dems and reps, are not going to shoot each other on battlefields. 35,000 nat guards in DC. plus I don't want to kill for Biblical reasons and I think most usa citz's feel the same. The Nazi movement died aborning  - 1 term and we fixed that rip in old glory. On to survival and prosperity for half of us 


Still, a frightening yet possible outcome - it has been a time of surprises and shocks!





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  Thank you for your


Thank you for your analysis, A



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A chilling and enlightened

A chilling and enlightened reminder of what is at stake when we split apart. I wish more Americans were aware of this very probable nightmare scenario. Your call for unity and cooperation is a light in the darkness . . . and our only hope. Well said. 

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God have mercy on us all,

God have mercy on us all, beloved Patricia