Many groups oppose compulsory vaccinations for a score of reasons, reasons which transcend both Democrat and Republican party positions.

On animal research, William Shakespeare in Coriolanus:
Your highness shall from this practice but make hard your heart;
Besides, the seeing these effects will be both noisome and infectious.

Some of the groups opposing compulsory vaccines:
1. Vegans and vegetarians, because of ingredients in vaccines derived from cow, pig, and monkey murder, eggs and milk.
2. Many Muslims who oppose the pig lard in vaccines
3. Hindus, 25% of whom are vegetarians and a majority of whom eat nothing derived from cow murder,
4. Orthodox Jews object to compulsory vaccines because of the many toxic animal ingredients from pigs and nonkosher sources contained in vaccines.
5. Some anti-abortionist Catholics and other groups object to vaccines containing ingredients from aborted human fetal tissue, some for ethical and others health reasons.

6. In addition, many immune challenged individuals object to vaccines.
7. Still others object to the violation of the right to refuse medications and of the individual's sovereignty over his or her own body by the denial of freedom of choice.
8. Another group are those who believe the pharmaceutical multinational companies develop vaccines unnecessarily for many diseases.
9. There are millions of Americans who believe vaccines are a health hazard.
10. Yet another group believe that vaccine development is being done at an unsafe speed with very little testing. 11. Many soldiers object to compulsory vaccines. In 2003 a federal judge ordered the Pentagon to stop making anthrax vaccines compulsory to soldiers who were termed 'guinea pigs' in the order. 500 in the military refused compulsory anthrax vaccine. 100 were courtmartialed. See below.
12. 50% of Americans in a poll responded that they would not get a Covid vaccine.
13. Some Libertarians
14. Some who oppose the inflicting of suffering on mammals and birds in vaccination research labs

15. The term medical colonialism has been used to describe the announced plans to use Africans as guinea pigs for covid 19 vaccines.

16. Japan and France the 2 countries with strongest criticism of vaccine safety

17.  British health authorities warned in December of 2020 that those with allergies

to certain foods, medicines and/or vaccines should avoid the Pfizer vaccine.

18. NPR reported on December 10, 2020 that over half of those who have received the vaccine have reported negative side effects. Some of these last as long as a week and include fatigue, chills, high fever, muscle pain, and headaches.

19.  CNN reported on Dec 10, 2020 that there have been no studies yet on the

effects of the vaccines on pregnant women's fetuses.


In 1976, Gerald Ford pushed a compulsory vaccination for swine flu after a rushed vaccine development. 94 cases of paralysis and thousands of other adverse effects of compulsory swine flu vaccine were detected and dozens of states stopped the program, finally
followed by President Ford's cancellation of the vaccine.
In 1955, according to a Washington Post article in May of 2020, many children contracted polio from the polio virus.
In May of 1983 Pearce Wright, the science editor of the London Times, wrote that the 17 countries
which had the most incidence of AIDS matched in exact sequence those which had had the most alleged smallpox vaccine. The odds of a 17 point sequence matching in exact order are 1 in zillions.
In 2009 pilots quit rather than be forced to take the anthrax vaccination which was voluntary for State Department employees but compulsory for servicemen and women. 500 in the military refused the vaccine. 100 were courtmartialed.

Live virus polio vaccine in India (OPV for Oral Polio Vaccine) poisoned countless children.

Some vaccines are effective. Many are ineffective. Others kill or cause great injury to those who take them, either from toxic ingredients, contamination in manufacture, weakened live viruses in the vaccine etc.
Many have been developed on eggs. Eggs account for nearly half of the food poisoning fatalities annually.. The public has a right to know the risks and to have scientific debate on the subject not removed from massive social media company sites. Those citizens who wish have a right to refuse vaccines for themselves and their children.

Many vaccines are neither vegetarian nor vegan. They are developed using bovine (from cows) blood and enzymes, gelatin from cows and pigs as well (animal bone product), amino acids, glycerol from cow snd pig triglycerides (fat), galactose from cows' milk, cultures from fertilized eggs, honeybee venom etc. Polio vaccines are developed on cells of monkey kidneys. Squalene from fish oil or the fatty acids of shark liver is an ingredient in some. Besides the issue of not causing animals suffering is that of the dangers of using products from often diseased animals suffering from Mad Cow (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), Mad Pig (porcine spongiform encephalopathy), ecoli, trichinosis etc, honeybee venom.. In addition in some vaccines are mercury compounds, aluminum compounds, monosodium glutamate, and embalming chemical formaldehyde, all four of which cause brain damage.

Many ingredients are hidden. Drug companies claim that patents do not permit listing the ingredients.
Truth about the dangers of many vaccines is being suppressed. Increasingly the right
to refuse certain treatments and vaccines is being violated. Some Liberians were forced at gunpoint to submit to ebola treatment.

Website censorship and removal of antivaccination websites has been common. Facebook has removed many antivaccine articles.

Fasttracking a vaccine is a hazardous enterprise.

There are many disease deaths being lumped under the term corona virus including the common cold and the flu which can be transmitted by proximity. Are deaths from flu, pneumonia, lung cancer etc being lumped together and identified as COVID19 deaths? Why so many
alleged nursing home COVID19 deaths?

Search engines, Facebook etc are calling research into these dangers 'fake news', 'disinformation', etc while removing censored content. This is proof of the increasing power of the CDC, NIH, and 'health' establishment to control citizens. It is also proof of
the financial power of the multinational drug companies who profiteer from vaccines. One cannot decide on the safety of a particular vaccine if the lawsuits against the vaccine maker are hidden as well as the vaccine ingredients.

During G W Bush's administration, a bill exempting
vaccine makers from liability for causing deaths or injuries
was passed into law. The effort was spearheaded by then senator Bill Frist
of Tennessee, a member of the billionaire family which owns

United Health Care. Judge Scalia and other Republicans on the Supreme Court ruled that vaccine victims could not file lawsuits in state courts. Since then a federal vaccine court was set up to reimburse those injured by vaccines at taxpayer expense Its decisions are not publicized and the court has paid out less than 10 billion dollars despite thousands of lawsuits. Drug companies were shielded from publicity and from any loss of profits. Now both Trump and Biden as well as Republican and Democrat leaders are promoting vaccines.

The FDA allows the makers of toxic drugs to advertise their lethal and injurious side effects such as death, stroke, heart attack, retinopathy (blindness), tardive dyskinesia (permanent shaking), memory loss.

Yet vaccine makers are not required to give side effects.

Smallpox was originally called cowpox or kine pox. Chickenpox, avian flu, swine flu all come from the consumption of the flesh
of chickens, other poultry, pigs. H1N1 was a variant of swine flu. Perhaps it is the power of the pig slaughter industry that the outbreak was called H1N1 rather than pig or pork or swine flu.. USAMRIID, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, traced the Spanish flu of post WW1 fame to the ice-preserved body of an Inuit woman through DNA to a Tennesse pig farm.

Yet the government is not telling us to avoid eating mammal or bird flesh. Rather it is shielding slaughterhouse companies such as JBS, Smithfield, and Tyson while subsidizing ranchers and factory farms.
Over the years trillions of animals have been made to suffer and die
in the development of vaccines in laboratories. Primates have been caged for years at NIH, the CDC, Bethesda Naval, Emory University,Harvard, Yale, UC Davis etc. and many other labs around the world. The prime cause of the world's diseases is the eating of animal, bird, and fish flesh.

Update: As of mid July 2020, tens of millions of Americans were out of work while the NY Times reported 'an avalanche of evictions expected.' Yet millions of the laid off poor could not file for benefits

because the only available computers were in shutdown libraries.
The FDA has given vaccine development approval to Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer and 2 others.

Children, adults, and the US military are considered by international drug company cartels to be 'cash cows' for compulsory vaccines, nearly all of which have bad side effects, sometimes fatal.

I A Toxic ingredients in vaccines include
1 Formaldehyde used in embalming fluid a carcinogen
2 Bovine cow serum dangerous to all and especially offensive to vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians Hindus
3 Human and animal DNA
4 Gelatin: made from ground up mammal bones. It is contained in MMR, Varicella, Yellow Fever and other vaccines.
5 Sodium chloride:
6 Egg protein from chickens antibiotic resistant, often containing salmonella, campylobacter, female hormones etc.
7 Thimerosal: A neurotoxic mercury compound correlated to Alzheimer's and other brain damage...
8 Human albumin from human blood plasma
9 Phenoxyethanol
10 Aluminum phosphate: aluminum compounds are a cause of Alzheimer's and destroy brain cells
11 MSG (monosodium glutamate): *3 and 1
12 Glycerin made from animal fats
13 Nanoparticles
14 Sorbitol

I B Lack of refrigeration in factory, in transit, at warehouse, in doctors' offices, hospitals, military bases.

II Mercury and Aluminum Compounds Remain in Vaccines:

Although worldwide opposition has caused belated action in removing mercury compounds from MMR vaccines, it is still in many flu vaccines. Many vaccines are developed in eggs from factory farmed birds in metal sheds in which the quicksand like partially liquid waste can drown workers.

III Always Mutating Organisms:
Even if some of them occasionally work, like blind pigs finding occasional acorns, why are they so often obsolete? Because the diseases they are supposed to fight keep mutating and getting stronger.

Many parents have had SIX! vaccines given to their children in 1 day!

IV A Corruption in the US Senate
Because of the Republican dominated Senate during the presidency of G W Bush, Senator Frist of Tennessee pushed through a liability immunity for vaccine manufacturers, including Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Glaxo Smith Kline, and all other makers. Frist and his family together are billionaires with the pricegouging company United Health Care.

IV B Corruption involving swine flu when Gerald Ford was in the White House *4

IV C Corruption at the Centers For Disease Control includes not informing the public that vaccinated children contracted measles. *9

IV D Corruption at the FDA in allowing untested and unsafe vaccines to be forced onto men and women in the military

IV E Corruption in the Supreme Court whose 5 unelected Republican justices, nominated by fraudulently elected presidents, ruled in favor of drug companies. *10

V Robert F Kennedy Jr
Robert F Kennedy Jr. who has won 100 lawsuits against General Electric over pollution, who has worked hard to expose Smithfield pollution (Smithfield is the world's biggest murderer of pigs), as well as the theft of the presidency from John Kerry in 2004 by the Ohio Republican Party,
is now educating the public about the attempt of drug cartels with vaccine liability immunity, hospitals, physicians, Senators Feinstein, Boxer, the CDC, FDA, major radio and tv networks, major drug store chains and others to force citizens into giving their children lethal vaccines. *1


Bayer manufactures avicides (birdkilllers)

VII Merck Profiteer Paul Offit
Paul Offit is frequently seen on tv arguing that parents have no right to refuse vaccines. He is a coprofiteer with Merck, the company which has killed and injured many with its Gardasil. One antivaccine activist said about a similar vaccine to a hospital nurse "Why are you trying to slip a needle into my newborn containing a hepatitis B vaccine, a vaccine alleged to prevent sexual promiscuity diseases."

"the Indian government suspended Merck's Gardasil study after they discovered that four of the young clinical trial participants had died after receiving Gardasil, and more than 120 girls suffered severe adverse reactions. A civil society-led investigation into the vaccine trial highlighted serious violations of ethical guidelines for clinical research and informed consent rights of study participants or their legal guardians. "

Frontline of PBS is one of the disinformation purveyors.

VIII US Military Danaged by Forced Anthrax and Other Vaccinations. Soldiers are rarely given information about what it is being injected into them. Sometimes soldiers in a queue simultaneously receive vaccines in the right and left arms. *5

IX Besides contaminants in the factory, breakdowns in refrigeration, and lethal ingredients, as well as ingredients which violate spiritual beliefs, vaccines are often compromised in doctors' offices and on military bases. The FDA in a too rare action cited Sanofi Pasteur for contamination and mold in its vaccines. *6 *7

X Drug Company Killings Exposed

Pfizer was fined not nearly enough for illegally testing an unapproved drug on children with brain infections at a field hospital in 1996. Eleven of the children died and dozens were disabled before the illegal activity was exposed. mercola dot com

"The Argentinean Federation of Health Professionals accused GlaxoSmithKline of misleading participants and pressuring impoverished, disadvantaged families into enrolling their children in clinical trials of the experimental Synflorix pediatric pneumonia vaccine. Fourteen of the children participating in the experimental vaccine trial died." mercola dot com

XI Groups Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations

American Medical Association (AMA):
Service Employees International Union, representing health care workers (SEIU): 1,100,000 members
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: 4,000 members
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME): 1,300,000 members
American Federation of Teachers (AFT): 1,600,000 members
Association of Flight Attendants-Communications Workers of America (AFA): 60,000 members
The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions: 95,000 members
United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union: 30,000 members

Update: Nontouching thermometers operate on infrared radiation and can danage the eye cornea and lens.

XII  Bell's Palsy, contortion of face muscles, a side effect of several vaccines




Links: (some disabled )


Children developed schizophrenia like symptoms after swine flu vaccine
An attempt to require all Americans to have swine flu shots was stopped after 94 cases of paralysis resulted.

1 million doses of Merck's meningitis vaccine have been recalled at the same time that New jersey is attempting to make it mandatory
CDC and Media Hide Fact that Measles-Vacinated People at Disneyland contracted Measles
CDC Finally Admits That 98 Million Americans were Given Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Carcinogen. Yet CBS on 60 Minutes pushed this lethal vaccine as a cure for cancer

16,000 Cases Of Adverse Side Effects From Meningitis Vaccine
In 2000 in the UK 16,000 cases of adverse side effects to the meningitis vaccine were reported where vaccination had recently become mandatory.

N Carolina considers making meningitis vaccine mandatory
A US media blackout on the news that an Italian court has ruled vaccines cause autism

Paralysis soars in India as a result of oral polio vaccines. At the same time CBS' 60 Minutes is pushing toxic polio vaccines as cancer cures.

UK considering mandatory whooping cough vaccine for newborns

Anthrax vaccination toxic reactions caused many pilots to quit



*8 Formaldehyde a carcinogen

*9 Vaccinated children contracted measles

*10 Supreme Court corruption

Robert F Kennedy organizing opposition to compulsory vaccines:

Toxic Ingredients in Vaccines
*3. CDC partial list of vaccines' ingredients
Vaccine Liberation
New Zealand organized against compulsory swine flu vaccine.

Two lawsuits accuse Merck of lying about vaccine


Soldiers have gotten sick on compulsory anthrax vaccination etc.

Vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians and 70% of the Hindu population avoid ingredients obtained from cow cadavers. Yet many vaccines contain them.

Hindus have banned cow slaughter in most states in India. Many vaccines contain ingredients from cow cadavers or other animals
Dangers of alluminum in vaccines
Science editor of London Times says AIDS was spread throughout the world by what was allegedly smallpox vaccine. (the original article is hard to find.. the following link is very different from the original

*2 Eleven most toxic vaccine ingredients
Many vaccines contain MSG monosodium glutamate

Military given unsafe untested vaccines
Proof armed forces given unsafe untested vaccines

Minnesota lawmakers have banned formaldehyde in children's vaccines. It remains in many adult vaccines in Minnesota and across the board in many states
Senator Scott Jensen, MD of Minnesota on the CDC pressure to

list deaths as covid19 when there has been no test given
Class action lawsuit decided in favor of parents of children with autism because of vaccines
Courageous Representative Dan Burton held congressional hearings on vaccines.
FDA Approves Dangerous Anthrax Inhalation Vaccine

Senator John D Rockefeller IV... statement on the abuse of military vaccines National Vaccine Information Center
Schedule of military vaccines
Generation Rescue Antivaccination support group
JABS Support group for vaccine damaged children
Anthrax Vaccine Lawsuit Filed by Military Servicemen
Despite widespread knowledge that alleged smallpox vaccine spread AIDS throughout Africa, in Brazil and Haiti, George W Bush ordered in 2002 that the vaccine be given to US military.
George W Bush ordered smallpox vaccines be given the military.
Horseshoe crabs are kidnapped and bled for vaccine testing
Besides the cruelty of kidnapping animals and testing them is the fact that their coprophagous or human and fish waste eating dietary habits skew the results
Military vaccines know the lies
links recommended by are
List of some vaccine ingredients

Oral polio drops linked to paralysis of recipieints in India

gelatins from pigs The book by Owen Parrett, Diseases Of Food Animals, analyzes some of the thousands of diseases from ingesting the flesh of murdered animal cadavers or products from caged animals. (How sad to term a cow a 'food' animal.}

Smallpox vaccine and spread of AIDS article by Pearce Wright, former science editor of

London Times

There is virtually no coverage of the many deaths and injuries of vaccines
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program -
Profiteering vivisector vaccine makers are shielded from liability and lawsuits against them are hidden 11 metals can be found in vaccines

dangers of monosodium glutamate

Aluminum correlated to Alzheimer's

Forced sterilization in Africa
Court says Pfizer must pay for death of African children
US court orders 6 million be paid to victims of Merck's Gardasil

Texas legislature blocks Gov Perry's attempt to make Merck's Gardasil vaccines compulsory
Wyeth vaccine gave child seizures
Blood Sweat and Tears: Toxins in The Flesh Of Murdered Animals
Plum Island NY, operated by the USDA... where Lyme disease and West Nile Virus said to originate

A Yale University study has found that saliva tests are as accurate or more so than the very painful covid19 tests. Many of those tested have reported they felt as if the base of the brain was being pierced.
The American Civil Liberties Union.... a point of view on the Bill of Rights in the current situation

Public taxes for private profiteering

Vaccine syringes will contain microchips to record location and recipients of


Medical fascism in the US

Medical colonialism in Africa   Africans suggested as vaccine guinea pigs

while a few years ago Africans were forced by American soldiers to submit

to treatment at gunpoint

Trump's drug czar invested in Moderna and Glaxo Smith Kline

Jason Christoff compiled the following list.
1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic –
2. The Greater Good –
3. Shots In The Dark –
4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth –
5. Vaccine Nation –
6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –
7. Lethal Injection –
8. Bought –
9. Deadly Immunity –
10. Autism – Made in the USA –
11. Beyond Treason –
12. Trace Amounts –
13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate –
14. Autism Yesterday –
15. Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine –

In late November, 2 pharmaceutical companies claimed over 90%
effectiveness in their covid vaccines. There had been no independent
The COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer must be stored at about -70° C (-94° F). Very few industrial or medical freezers have that capability.

To be added: more on medical fascism bypassing elected national state and local

elected officials, medical colonialism currently and during ebola in Africa,

drug co connected NIH and CDC pawns,  people's taxes used for research from which drug cos. profiteer
medical fascism bypassing elected city state and national  elected bodies
medical colonialism  africans used as guinea pigs
africans forced by american soldiers at gunpoint to submit to ebola treatment
mad cow denial
food poisoning vegetables which acct for 3% of fatalities because of

handlers emphasized
slaughterhouses urged to stay open






AIDS was caused
by smallpox vaccine, writes
science editor of the
London Times Pearce Wright


 Pearce Wright, science editor of the London Times, wrote May 11 of 1987 of the amazing correlation that the 17 countries which had received the most smallpox vaccine from the World Health Organization matched in exact sequence the 17 countries with the most AIDS. What are the odds that in random choice, a 17 item ;list sequence would appear in exactly the same order again?  The odds are 1 in zillions.

 3 years later he wrote in 1990 again. See the link.



Footnote: The 17 countries with the most vaccine match in EXACT
SEQUENCE the countries with the most AIDS. The odds of this occurring
randomly are 1 in zillions.


There have been many lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for
causing African sterilization in the guise of vaccines.  Pfizer's payment to Nigerian

victims was a pittance in comparison to the damage done.

Haitians have filed a lawsuit against the United Nations for bringing cholera in to Haiti with the troops. The United Nations claims 'historic

People sue governments. They should be able to sue the UN.


George W Bush ordered smallpox vaccines be given the military.


"If we are dependent on China for thousands of ingredients and raw
materials, China could use this dependence as a weapon against us."
Heparin in some US vaccines comes from China
Rosemary Gibson, author of a book on the subject, "China Rx."
"China could potentially "weaponize our medicines. They can sell us medicines without any medicine in them.
They can sell medicines that have lethal contaminants in them."
China, reported the Pharma Letter “accounted for 95% of U.S. imports
of ibuprofen, 91% of U.S. imports of hydrocortisone, 70% of U.S. imports
of acetaminophen, 40% to 45% of U.S. imports of penicillin and 40% of U.S.
imports of heparin, (a vaccine ingredient as well) according to Commerce Department data.
80% of the US supply of antibiotics are made” in China.
The CDC owns 20 vaccine patents and buys several billion $ of patents yearly.
Even if kept at minus 70 degrees, the Pfizer vaccine, says Time Mag., is good
for only 6 months
Minimum and maximum temperatures for vaccine storage
The BBC in the following link uses the pronoun "which" instead of "who"
to refer to mice.
500 German physicians and hundreds of Spanish physicians state the 'pandemic' was

One cannot as a US citizen bring a beautiful breadfruit from Hawaii to the

mainland, but many animal products are under no such prohibition. Profiteers

are often given a green light.
USDA Guidelines: Animal Products That Do Not Require An Import Permit
at the port of entry.
The following are USDA rules whose lack of inspection further endangers
the health of people and animals intrinsically and opens the door for further contamination
of vaccines in both animals
and people. All xenotransplantation (animal ingredients listed with human)
are dangerous with contamination hazards.


1 Human And Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines
2 Non-Human Primate Material (excluding cell cultures)
3 Feline and Canine Material
4 Live Laboratory Mammals and Their Material (for research purposes)
5 Amphibians, Fish, Reptiles, Shellfish and Aquatic Species (includes venom)
6 Chemically Synthesized Materials
7 Importation of Lactose and Lactose Derivatives (correlated to lactose
   intolerance, ovarian, cervical, uterine, breast and prostate cancer
   intrinsically and because of hormone additives)
8 Microbially Produced Materials
9 Recombinant Microbes and Their Products
10 Non-Pathogenic Microorganisms (and their extracts)
11 Pet Chews and Treats Made of Antlers or Rawhide (a lack of concern for
   American animals... vegan dogs are proven to be healthier than
   dogs fed meat, fish, dairy or eggs)
12 Cell Cultures/Lines, Recombinant Cell Cultures/Lines, and Their Products (for in vitro use)
13 Self-Contained Test Kits Containing Animal-Derived Ingredients
14 Vitamins and Minerals
15 Histopathological Fixed Slides
Decide for yourself. Question authority
The National Catholic Register reports the fetal cells in AstraZeneca's
covid 19 vaccine a much more direct cell line than the ones in Pfizer or Moderna.
Again, decide for yourself. Question authority.
500 German physicians and hundreds of Spanish physicians state the 'pandemic' was



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If Most Refuse Vaccine

1. The lines will be shorter.

2. Thisis a male dominated old white race supremicist country - Most will do as they are told - asked, I mean.

3. I skipped reading the 6 screens of sources.

4. 15 million have the virus in usa; as of 12-09-20. Ask them if they care about cow/pig or formaldehyde in ti the vaccine. Or that primates died during early trials. Africans were tested with Covid 19 vaccine as were Middle and South Americans. 

5. Take the risk. .003% of positive cases die grom C-19 in the usa. Those are pretty good odds. Long term everyone who takes the vaccine could die, being rushed. In this scenario, I would be pissed off about this homo sapien mammal deaths.

6. Mandatory vaccines in this political climate. Naw. Too litiginous.

7. Animal food processimg forced to close; the encompmy would fold.









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no wonder it makes us sick

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