The World's Militaries and 58 Ways They Harm Animals

A Fellow Creature



For dogs who survived combat, it wasn't considered worthwhile to treat them, ship them home, and find families for them. This was particularly horrific after the Vietnam War from which over 4,000 dogs served, 350 were killed in action. Only 200 were brought back to the United States.

In Afghanistan and Iraq as well, many dogs
were left behind, though in Afghanistan private groups have been trying to get many out.


Animals are enslaved in war
1. for food
2 as bomb carriers (dolphins forced into suicide bombing by US Navy)
3a to be blown apart as minesniffers
3b those who've survived have been left
behind by the Pentagon
4. to pull heavy carts... even in the year 2021 donkeys  used in Afghanistan military campaigns
5. to carry messages as carrier pigeons did in WW2
6. in military labs they are caged and then killed in chemical, biological and other weapons research. They are secretly shot into space to die in explosions or gradually of thirst and loneliness
7. they are shot and used as surgical practice.. first it was dogs, changed to goats after public opposition. Now pigs are being shot in the face and elsewhere
8. chained as sentries, e.g. watchdogs
9. as clothing sources (fur silk leather and wool)
10. Donkeys, camels, horses etc have been forcibly drafted to carry humans


 The voiceless victims of insane immoral illegal wars

Nearly every military in the world harms animals. All wars are wars on animals birds and fishes as well as butterflies bees, bushes and trees in forests.


 Animals are bombed, burned, starved, smashed by tanks, shot by machine guns, abandoned by refugees, bulldozed in zoos, abandoned in warzones by soldiers returning home. They are kidnapped to pull loads, seized butchered and eaten, tortured in military labs. Dolphins are shackled into being forced bomb carriers (Dr Lilly reported dolphins in these military programs have killed themselves by smashing their heads against the sides of tanks) and dogs as forced minesniffers have been blown to smithareens.


Trillions of animals died in World War I and II. Countless trillions of animals died in World War II of atom bomb testing as they were left behind in the desert. 20 million horses died in World War I.


Animals in war have been the devoured, the blinded, the maimed,
the dis-armed, the trampled, the lamed
They died freezing, blown apart, drowned, unfamed,
these helpless victims, silent and unnamed.


All the world's warwaging militarie harm animals. Do citizens of the US have a duty first to end cruelty at home?.

1 People animals birds are killed burned blown apart by bombs, rockets, missiles, drones.
2 People animals birds are blown apart by mines of war profiteers both when forced into service as dolphin or dog minesniffers or as unsuspecting victims of mines... A rhino whose legs
were turned to jelly by a landmine in Africa was one
of billions of animal, bird and other victims of landmines.
Children think the land mines are toys and blow off their hands
picking them up. Unethical government have wrapped mines

in the same packaging as airdropped food relief parcel.

3 The mililtary pretrained mules as Afghan ammunitions carriers. The mules were blown up not only by accidents on the trails but by combatants.
4 The US Navy has electroshocked porpoises and turned them into weapons carriers. (See Communication Between Man and Dolphin: The Possibilities of Talking with Other Species by former navy researcher John C Lilly who left the Navy after dolphin suicides.)
5 Whales, dolphins, fishes, turtles, sea birds are killed in oil spills from bombing power plants. Iran bombed a Saudi oil facility. 15,000 tons of oil
had been dumped into the Mediterranean by US bombing of Iraqi oil refineries and the Israeli
bombing of a Lebanese power plant.
6 Animals are bulldozed (killed or backs broken) in zoos in wartorn areas.*
The Nazis bombed London zoos. Churchill retaliated
bombing the Berlin Zoo. The Israeli Defense Force
bulldozed the Gaza Zoo while the animals were inside, breaking the backs of those
who survived deaths by crushing.
7. Bears and other animals are sealed into Afghan caves by bombs
8 Naval warships' sonar kills whales, injure dolphin and other marine animals.
9 Animals are seized, slaughtered and eaten by armies.
10 Animals disoriented by bombs run away from their homes.
11a Animals are abandoned in the US by refugees and by soldiers ordered overseas.
11b Dogs taken overseas by the USAF, those who survived
the bombs, the landmines, the bullets, were often left Vietnam, Iraq etc. "For dogs who survived combat, it wasn't considered worthwhile to treat them, ship them home, and find families for them. This was particularly horrific after the Vietnam War where about 4,000 dogs served, 350 were killed in action, and only 200 were brought back to the United States."  (unlinked search engine reply)


12 Animals are not allowed in to all refugee camps. The US Red Cross after a worldwide outcry re its gunbacked separation of people from animals during Katrina has begun to change its rules on this.
13 Animal habitat (trees, orchards, vines, plants, watersheds) are destroyed by daisy cutter, bunker
buster and other bombs, cruise missiles etc. Tanks crush
sapling trees and add to the desertification of the planet.
They create erosion ruts and cause mudslindes in areas
with rain.
14 Depleted uranium is giving animals as well as people
cancer,81 times the average in Baghdad.
15 Animals as well as people have died as supply convoys
were foiled by bombed roads and bridges, and as
convoys have been fired upon. In the Highway of Death
bombing directed by G H W Bush, 250,000 white flagged
surrendering soldiers as well as refugees with donkeys,
cats, dogs, goats, cows, chickens etc. were carpet
bombed and bulldozed into graves.
16. Some abandoned animals are left tied up without war
and are dying of thirst and or heat or cold
17. Motorists racing to get out of bombing areas are
mowing down goats, cats, dogs, chickens, sheep on the roads.
18. Naval warships carve up marine mammals in their
propellers as jetfighters carve up birds in their propellers.
Tanks have crushed untold trillions of small mammals,
ground nesting birds, frogs, snakes, ants in anthills,
and countless other species.
19. American soldiers drinking have shot
tigers and lions in the Baghdad Zoo.
20. Donkeys and dogs have been shot at Israeli govt checkpoints
21a. Currently Samuel Aronson of Brookhaven is irradiating squirrel monkeys in NASA's latest military research.
NASA's military missions have involved secreting
animals aboard. This is unpublicized. Many secreted animals
were with the astronauts blown apart by Lockheed and
other Bonapartes
NASA against public will announces it intends to irradiate captive primates in its war to militarize space

21d NASA has sent animals into space to rotate alone in the void until they die of thirst or hunger

22 Animals die in military weapons research labs. Primates
have been irradiated at Barnes Air Force Base in Texas.
23 They have been put in restraining chairs for months
at a time in astronaut studies at Bethesda Naval and
24 Animals die in military contract ‘vaccine’ research.
25 When PETA was successful in cancelling the US Dept
of Defense use of living dogs as target practice for the
(unnecessary) training of surgeons, the DOD simply
substituted goats, making them truly scapegoats. Now
pigs too are being shot in the face and other body parts.
26. Chemical and biological weapons from weaponized
anthrax to nerve gases have been developed on captive
animals for many decades. Recently biological weapons
developed by George Merck of the Merck pharmaceutical
company were destroyed after 45 or more years in
. In weaponized anthrax development by the CIA
and Ft Detrick, 4000 primates were detroyed in just
1 experiment before captive primates and 1 billion dollars was given to Battelle
of Tennessee. The books of Leonard Horowitz document
the abuse.
For a list of other atrocities, see
28. US soldiers in survival training are taught to club,
knife and otherwise kill animals from Dugway Proving
Ground in Utah to Okinawa.
29. Fort Dix in New Jersey is stabbing and burning animals
30.. Video of dog stabbing by US military
31. Bolivian military with connections to US military
are stabbing dogs.���]
32. Israel’s sound bombs have been reputed to
explode the wombs of Palestinian women. They harm
animals with sensitive hearing such as dogs and cats.
a. The US military is secretly killing Canadian
geese on bases.
b. At Ft Campbell, Kentucky detergent was sprayed in winter
on thousands of blackbirds to destroy their feather oil.
Ann Free, Schweitzer biographer, wrote that as their lives
seeped out in heat and rose as mist, so did their souls rise
to God.
Many bases such as those in Aviano Italy employ exterminators.
The lethal insecticides they have used have destroyed
the brains of some soldiers as well.
34 Bombing of pet markets in Iraq and elsewhere,
targeting Sunni, Shiite and animals.
35 Nuclear War on Animals
The US Government seized 54,000 acres of private
land in New Mexico in 1942 to set up the Los Alamos Manhattan
Project. Wild mustangs were bombed by B29′s.
Brown cows’ hair turned white from the radiation.
Trillions of individual beings were bombed in New Mexico
in the atom bomb testing. Around the world nuclear
tests have always resulted in the murder of trillions of
36 A San Diego company, American Technology, makes LRAD’s, machines used against
the people and animals of Iraq, the people and animals
of Pittsburgh etc. The machine with 151 decibels destroys hearing
and is designed to disperse nonviolent protesters. Unlike human
beings who can generally cover their ears after the 1st piercing
ear drum buster, birds cannot.
37 Animals die on live transport ships in wartorn ports after standing in their own waste, dying of hunger and thirst. Israeli PM’s have bombed
livetransport ships in the Beirut harbor.
38 In World War 1 while the imperialist UK fought with the German kaiser
who had imperial aspirations, above the men in the trenches, sitting
ducks, were carrier pigeons released by the men, pigeons frequently
machine gunned.
As part of the constant dovetailing of American slaughterhouse product
corporations and the CIA and military, chickens were used in the Kuwait
war as ‘mine canaries’
40. In forcible relocation of the Navajos, the US Army command
murdered all thsir sheep.
41. Conquering armies have often seized the animals of the
militarily defeated in order to slaughter and eat cows, sheep, pigs,
chickens etc.
42. 60,000 Baghdad Dogs shot: The Fruit of War
With 19 years of bombing electricity plants and other infrastructure in Iraq, the Bush Obama
presence in Iraq has increased the number of stray dogs… who roam the streets eating the refuse
not picked up.
43. Sheep given bends by Navy and Univ of Wisconsin. 3 died.
Is animal life is cheap to Navy admirals?
44. In military astronaut studies, Bethesda Naval
subjected primates to chair confinement for months at a time

Primates were in despair,
cramping, sleeping, defecating in the chairs
5 ways the Navy kills animals

a. underground explosives
b. carrier support for bombing of animals in illegal wars
c. laboratory research on animals at Bethesda Naval etc.
d. sonar… killing whales, dolphins and other marine mammals,
e. propellers.. killing marine mammals, fishes[/quote]
45. Torture
Dr Martin Seligman at the Univ of Pennsylvania shocked dogs
.. he is the 2nd APA president to work with the CIA in developing
torture techniques. He was recently given a 31 million dollar
no bid military contract.
Pakstan: The weather manipulation by US, NATO and Israeli
valley flooding… also harmed bears, as the bombing of Afghanistan does.
47 The number of accidents in which flocks of birds are sucked into propellers multiplies in war and military training exercises.
48. USAMRIID DNA tests traced the origins of the socalled Spanish flu which caused 25 million or more deaths in WW1 to a Tennessee pig farm. The eating of animal flesh is the number 1 cause of premature deaths in the world every year.
49. German Shepherds in the Vietnam War
They gave unconditional love
and loyalty. They were almost all betrayed.
In return for unconditional
love and loyalty, nearly all of the
4000 German Shepherds who had served
as sentries, scouts, attack dogs,
and lie detectors,
were defined at the end of the war
as 'excess equipment. They were forcibly
separated by senior officers from soldiers who held a mutual
love relationship with them, and turned
over to the South Vietnamese Army. Many
were killed and eaten.

In every country, animals are abused and killed.
In every warring country, animals have been kidnapped
and murdered that their bodies be eaten. They have
been bombed, smashed by tanks, starved, parachuted into warzones, used as bomb carriers, subjected to the hazards of sniffing for mines, used in dozens of countries in military research, abandoned when soldiers are shipped overseas.

In every country, animals are abused and killed.
In every warring country, animals have been kidnapped
and murdered that their bodies be eaten. They have
been bombed, smashed by tanks, starved

used in dozens of countries in military
research, abandoned when soldiers are shipped overseas.

50. Dogs were trained to attack the Japanese in WW2. Japanese American soldiers were used as bait in the training.

In World War 2 on Cat Island off the coast of
Mississippi, the military had a 3 month dogtraining
program. Their mission was to develop 20,000
attack dogs who could smell the difference between
a Japanese soldier and an American soldier. It
was hoped these dogs could be an advance team
to take Pacific islands from the Japanese.
Japanese American soldiers were used as bait.
They were ordered to beat the dogs over and over
so that the dogs would hate them and attack them.
The program failed because the dogs could discover
no difference between the smell of the Japanese American
soldiers and the other soldiers.

Japanese American Soldiers Used As Bait transcript of tv show

51. Parachutes Dogs have been parachuted in many cases alone into war zones.

In the war of the Israeli government against the Lebanese
people, a million animals died in an oil spill
created by a power plant bombing. Cows have died of thirst
on boats unable to land liveshipped animals. Animals
have died as relief supplies can’t get into the many crisis
areas. The Olmert regime fired upon relief workers.

* The IDF killed many Gaza zoo animals
bulldozing the cages while the animals
were in them.. gazelles had their
backs broken. Many zoos are prisons.


52. In World War I, cats were dropped from the air with the mission of killing cats

53 The US military subsidize the cattle industry by allowing grazing of animals at very cheap prices on federal land.

54 At Fort Hood and elsewhere, numerous animals have been shot, bombed, run over or otherwise injured in military maneuvers.

55. Civilian numbers killed by bombs are often only estimated while animal and bird number killed are totally ignored

56. If a dogmeat eating culture captures the dog, he is eaten.

 57 US Coast Guard stops killing mammals in training. Other military disontinued shooting dogs for surgical practice
but then substituted goats (truly new scapegoats). Now there are reports of pigs being shot in the face.
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58 Dozens of bombsniffing dogs courageously doing their job survived only to be killed by an American security co. in Kuwait after their contract expired.

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56. If a dogmeat eating culture captures the dog, he is eaten


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53. The US military subsidize the cattle industry by allowing grazing of animals at very cheap prices on federal land.

54 At Fort Hood and elsewhere, numerous animals have been shot, bombed, run over or otherwise injured in military maneuvers.

55.. Civilian numbers killed by bombs are often only estimated while animal and bird number killed are totally ignored.

56. If a dogmeat eating culture captures the dog, he is eaten.

 57 US Coast Guard stops killing mammals in training. Other military disontinued shooting dogs for surgical practice
but then substituted goats (truly new scapegoats). Now there are reports of pigs being shot in the face.
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58 Dozens of bombsniffing dogs courageously doing their job survived only to be killed by an American security co. in Kuwait after their contract expired.

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12 of the many causes of war

1. ‘religious’ hatred
2. racist hatred
3. nationalism
4. petroplutocracy
5. drug lords (within and outside of intelligence services)
6. arms sales and other war profiteering
7. loanshark capitalism inherently
8. empire building .. land acquisition
9. generals and mercenaries attracted to violence
10. generals soldiers and mercenaries attracted to the
ego of advancement in the ranks
11. revenge
12. lust (as with Helen of Troy)

Historians Will and Ariel Durant wrote that Caesar’s armies marched on vegetables.
Some US Army nutritionists have been working on more vegan options for vegan
]soldiers and all soldiers, because of superior health.

American soldiers are required to kill docile animals during military “survival skills” training courses and are instructed to use their bare hands, rocks, or blunt instruments on chickens, rabbits, goats, and snakes as part of “emergency food procurement exercises.”

Reports reveal that animals die a slow and agonizing death after being bludgeoned, strangled, or decapitated. An Army course manual instructs soldiers to kill a chicken “by placing its head under a strong stick, placing both your feet on either end of the stick … and pulling vigorously until its head is pulled off.” Another Army manual says, “You can club small mammals or step on them.”

Department of the Air Force Instructor Guide: Basic Combat Survival Training Field Training
1. Club to kill animal
2. Knife
3. 550 cord (to suspend animal and tie live animal to tree)
4. Containers/utensils for cooking

The U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marines have confirmed that at least six military courses currently engage in these exercises year-round, and there have been many reports of others. Government documents show that two Air Force bases alone use more than 1,500 rabbits each year, at a cost of more than $10,000.1 According to a 1997 Department of Defense (DoD) report, the Air Force kills more rabbits in its “survival skills” courses than does the entire DoD in all its research facilities combined.2 Estimates reveal that well over 10,000 animals are used every year in military food procurement exercises.

Typically, soldiers either carry their own animals in a backpack for several days before killing them or the animals are taken by vehicle into the woods, where they are “liberated” and then “recaptured,” says Sergeant Fredrickson of Dugway Proving Ground. Eyewitness accounts describe soldiers who are “required to stroke the rabbit to calm it, then bash it on the head … the rabbits don’t always die with the first blow.”

The military claims that these exercises are a necessary part of troop preparation. Major Tammy Miracle of the Massachusetts National Guard claims that killing docile animals “prepare[s] a soldier to fight in today’s modern battlefield.” She admits that although “this type of training may seem unusual … readiness remains to be the Army Guard’s overarching priority.”

These exercises, however, fail to teach relevant skills to soldiers who may one day experience life-threatening adverse conditions. It is pointless for a soldier to practice killing small domestic mammals and birds, considering that in a real-life survival experience, few would have trouble killing such an animal if survival depended on it. After all, soldiers do not practice by killing other humans in order to be effective in combat situations. In the past, there have been occasions when such exercises were canceled after receiving national exposure3—yet thousands of animals continue to suffer each year on military bases that pursue this training.

Please contact your senators and representative and request that they introduce language into this year’s Defense Appropriations Bill that explicitly prohibits the use of your taxpayer dollars to purchase live animals for military “survival skills training.” If you don’t know their contact information, please call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-225-3121, provide your state or zip code, and ask to be transferred to their offices or click here to obtain the information through a web page.

1 Fairchild Air Force Base, WA 99011-8648; United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840-6260
2 “Department of Defense Animal Care and Use Programs 1997”
3 United States Army Dugway Proving Ground; Massachusetts Army National Guard


15 Ways AntiHealth Departments Connected To Pharmaceutical
Servants of the CDC Operate
1.Across the country, many health
departments ignore the many salmonella and ecoli violations
at mega fast food outlets while bringing down great force on small
2. In league with realtors, health departments bulldozed brick
homes, harassing homeowners as they attempted to create a scarcity
of housing and consequent high rents. Now with tens of thousands
of homes vacant in big American cities, the rent bubbles still have not burst.
3. Many health departments enforce compulsory mowing ordinances
which violate the first amendment
4. Health department directors and sanitarians, building inspectors
are unelected.
5. Health departments are eliminating fireflies, monarch butterflies,
dragonflies, and countless diverse species as they spray poisons in
the air of communities, poisoning the waters and air, violating
the will of the people and enriching huge chemical companies.
6. Health departments in concert with the CDC are deliberately
misclassifying Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken, Mad Fish, Mad Deer
and other BSE deaths as meningitis,
encephalitis, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors etc.
7. Health departments have given orders to remove centenarian trees
as they dictate to homeowners what they can do on their own
8. Health departments have been involved in a genocidal war against
rats and have violated the spiritual beliefs of Franciscans, Buddhists,
Hindus, Sufis, Jains and many others whose religions teach that all life is sacred.
9. In many cities a mayor can use many agencies in a coordinated
attack against his political opponents.
A disgruntled neighbor can activate
the local health department,
building inspection, animal control,
police, fire inspectors can give
a constant parade of harrassers to
someone. Health department officials have
been known to threaten calls to the building
inspector unless their privacy invading
‘sanitarian’ is allowed in.
10. Through compulsory pet
vaccinations, through promotion
of Glaxo, Roche, Aventis, Chiron
and other war profiteer ‘flu’ shots,
health departments enable
the engorging of international
drug companies.
11. A Canton Ohio health department
director threatened a resident with
jail because she was feeding a stray
12. Health departments comb
the yards of the poor for feces
from their pets while ignoring
factory farms and slaughterhouse
operations (Smithfield, Tyson’s, Perdue,
Cargill, Ohio Fresh Eggs, DeCoster’s) which
dump untold trillions of gallons
of feces and urine into the
water systems.
13. In many cities, the local health
department has pressured city councils
into trapping cats and dogs rather than spaying them. Why? Because
laboratories such as Harvard, UC Davis,
Univ of Texas, Univ of Wisconsin, Yale,
Cornell, Princeton, Yerkes, Emory
want a constant stream of animals
to kill.
14. Raccoons are being poisoned
with what the public is told
is rabies vaccine.
15. The socalled West Nile Virus comes
to carnivorous birds and is misnamed
.. the CDC and Health Dept. in order
to avoid panic about the pandemic
of Avian Spongiform Encephalopathy
or Mad Chicken has lied about this.
The Ecoli Scam

The animal flesh industry dominated government agencies around the world do not
publicize the billions of food poisoning cases annually,
the cancer, heart disease, Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken
Mad Fish etc.

The CDC and public ‘health’ departments in the US
have many gullible people in the populace convinced
that unclean hands are the main cause of ecoli or colon
bacteria. In reality, the fast food outbreaks of ecoli
are censored. Non animal sources of ecoli are one tenth
of one percent, perhaps, of the total.

Dr John Harvey Kellogg, MD, relative of someone who
founded Kellogg Cereals, studied colon bacteria and found
that within 4 hours of a mammal’s murder, the
ecoli had multiplied by billions.

When mammals are murdered, they are waiting in queue,
terrified, hearing the screams of their friends or family.
They defecate in fright, all over themselves, all over
their hair covered skin, all over the floor They
are disemboweled, sometimes while still alive but there is
no way to remove all the colon (ecoli is used to hide
the intestinal waste origins) bacteria. (search for war on animals)[[/URL] (Australian branch) re animals trapped
in live shipment boats in Beirut harbor (Gaza Zoo bulldozing)] (all but 1 item factual) Glaxo and Oxford
vivisection) ocean creatures dying from
massive oil spill generated by Israeli bombing of power

Dolphins forced into harm's way

Bombs do not distinguish as Native American cultures do between
pregnant animals and the rest of the herd.

In addition to the above ways in which they are exploited they are enslaved, made to suffer, abandoned and or murdered
1. to be gawked at in zoos, to be entertainment in circuses
2. to kill rats (cats)
3. made literal guinea pigs in labs for pricegouging drug companies advertising killer products
4. break their legs and necks for gambling wins as in horseracing
5. for amusement as in circuses
They are forced to kill each other in dogfights. Like human football players, they are modern
7 They are made to herd sheep and cows
8 Their labor is stolen from beehives.
9 as forced companions
10. They are forced to run down escaping
11. They are compelled to be drug sniffers.
12. to guide the blind
13. they are conscripted to hunt bears and to kill foxes
14. they are drafted in plutocracy rituals.. such as foxhunting

Dyngo, the story of a war dog


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dogs are like zeros..
to the unconscious
they have no value
To the conscious they
are like a zero added
after a number which
multiplies its value.

While bears and other hibernating animals are destroyed
                 by the US military in Afghan caves, and horses are destroyed by
                 bombs and opposition troops,
                 dogs are used to detect mines in Afghanistan. To the military
                 they are expendable. Dogs have been bombed as they constantly
                 watchdog outside Afghan camps. They are not allowed in most
                 Muslim homes. As 1.5 million Afghans face hunger and the UN
                 and bombing coalition bicker about food relief, dogs are
                 sometimes eaten.

        tell them
                 to stop the violence

                 Primates have been subjected to forced radiation at Brooks
                 Air Force Base, where Dr Donald Barnes' resignation and refusal
                 to participate sparked a Hollywood movie. At Bethesda Naval
                 Hospital, primates have been forced to sit in restraining devices
                 upright in chairs for months on end, sleeping, defecating, not
                 moving, for astronaut studies. Dr Lilly who wrote Day of the Dolphin
                 refused to participate in the Navy's use of dolphins as bomb
                 carriers. PETA was able to cancel the practice of dogs
                 as shooting targets for military surgical practice.

                 Howard Lyman and Oprah Winfrey have won in the 5th
                 Circuit against the 1/4 of the nation's feedlot
                 owners who fatten cows for slaughter. They
                 are in Amarillo Texas. Now these cattlemen have
                 filed a 2nd time.

                 Senators Grassley and Harkin of Iowa and Senator
                 Feingold of Wisconsin are working to class baby
                 chicks as expendable, not covered by protections
                 of older animals in transit


                 Scott Simon of Weekend Edition this morning recommended chicken
                 soup for laryngitis. Chicken
                 contains among
                 dozens of other toxins.. trioxypurine, pre urine or uric
                 acid contained in muscle cells. It would have been eliminated
                 through the innocent bird's kidneys had she lived.
                 It is more lethal than dioxypurine, caffein. Both are a cause
                 of arthritis, yet the makers of Celebrex and Vioxx
                 wish to obscure the meat origins of arthritis.

                 To tell Morning Edition that horses are not 'it', not
                 objects but 'he' or 'she' morning@n...
                 To Tell Neal Conan and Nina Totenberg, both of whom
                 used the phrase, that 'loaded for bear' is
                 a violent animal abusing phrase, write totn@n...

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Your poem expresses only too well the sad fate of many of earth's innocent creatures.Being a confirmed animal lover I can identify with the feelings that inspired your poem.
Very well written.

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