Animals Disarmed, Senility & Sterility Dogs of Afghanistan Carafe Sturgeon

A Fellow Creature




Some are disarmed.

Cows are dis-armed

as part of the slaughterhouse

'disassembly' plant.


After the butchering of trillions of cows, many of whom
went screaming to their deaths, goaded onto conveyor
belts with shocking rods, or hit on the head,
or pulled off trucks with ropes, cows kicked and prodded,
some bulls and steers (branded with hot irons,
castrated to go more meekly to death) and cows began
to discuss arming themselves. Said Ferdinand "When they
kidnapped Daisy's child, did her gentle eyes and moos
have any effect.. when she smashed against the fence
to get to her baby, was she effective?"



What's in meat?
and senility
.. choking
and stroking




If he survives bombing
and being a mine dog sniffer
By those who will not allow
him inside their homes
thinking him unclean

he is sometimes beaten
Sometimes they admit him to their
more intimate stomachs:
he is sometimes eaten.


The camels gave some
of their carafes
to the desertcrossing
thirsty giraffes




Flopping on the beach
a ripped up sturgeon
stitched up and healed
by the very kind surgeon
and in the water set free
when the full moon sea was surging.
(to Shirley Weber)

Author's Notes/Comments:

We first read this in a reprint from UAD:
It was later reprinted by PETA but Acme
removed it from the coop shelves, after meatcutters
Please call Acme to ask that the sale of lobsters
and the promotion of beef stop.
The truck carrying this cow was unloaded at Walton Stockyards in
Kentucky on the morning of September 29th, 1983. After the other animals were removed from the truck, she was left behind, unable to
move. The stockyard workers proceeded to beat and kick her in the face, ribs, and back (note her swollen and bleeding eye in the
photo). They used the customary electric prods in her ear to try to
get her out of the truck, but she still did not move. The workers
then tied a rope around her head, tied the other end to a post in the
ground and drove the truck away. She was dragged along the floor
of the truck and fell to the ground, landing with both hind legs
and her pelvis broken. She remained in this state until 7: 30 that
She lay in the hot sun crying out for the first three hours.
Periodically, when she urinated or defecated, she used her front legs
to drag herself along the gravel roadway to a clean spot. She also
tried to crawl to a shaded area but could not move far enough.
Altogether she managed to crawl 13-14 yards. The stockyard employees
would not allow her any drinking water. The only water she received
was given to her by Jessie Pierce. Jessie, a local animal rights
activist, had been contacted by Emmie MdNay who witnessed the
incident. Jessie arrive at noon and afer receiving no cooperation
from stockyard workers called the Kenton County Police. A policeman
arrived but after calling his superiors was instructed to do nothing
and left at 10 pm. The stockyard operator informed Jessie at 1 pm that
he had obtained permission from the insurance company to kill the cow,
but would not do so until Jessie left. Although doubtful that he
keep his word, Jessie did leave at 3 pm. She returned at 4: 30 pm
by which time the stockyard was deserted and three dogs were attacking
the cow, who was still alive. She had suffered a number of wounds
and her drinking water had been removed. Jessue then
contacted the Kentucky State Police. Four of them arrived at about
5:30 pm.

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Sometimes I wish I didn't love animals so much. I want to cry or just hold a cow...